Thursday, October 25, 2018

Death of Saudi Arabia Jamal Khashoggi in connection to the Austin Bombing-The Greatest Royal Rumble-Earthquake

I was looking into my WWE/Austin Bombing info and it sparked something in my brain. We recently got a major story in the media involving the death of Saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Remember in the WWE stuff a big thing was how the Royal Rumbles and The Greatest Royal Rumble held in Saudi Arabia were important to Earthquakes? 
Remember Mark Henry supposedly knew a victim in the Austin Bombing and his bday is 6/12. The Austin Bombings happened after WM 33 that was held in Orlando where the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened on 6/12 exactly 612 days before the Stoneman Douglas Shooting..."Valentine"=612
WM 32 was in 2016 just before the Pulse Nightclub shooting and it was held at the AT&T Stadium....think about the Time Warner mail bomb and the merger with ATT. 
The Undertaker also lives in Austin, Texas and remember Lebron wore the Undertaker shirt on 6/12/16...(reflections) also same day of the Pulse Nightclub shooting..
The Eagles just won the SB in Minneapolis with the Area code 612. 
Trump meets Kim Jong Un on 6/12 which was also George HW Bush's bday. 

Revelation 6:12 talks of a great earthquake...

Also remember how I talked about London Breed's bday of 8/11 a big day Zach has been mentioning. A long time ago I said it was special because that is also Hulk Hogan's bday and he's important to Earthquakes. He got his ribs broke by Earthquake on the Brother Love Show and then got his revenge at Summer Slam in Philadelphia. (Roddy Piper/Ronda Rousey important to Philadelphia). Rousey made her first WWE appearance at the first Women's Royal Rumble(Men and Women both Japenese winners). 

Anyway look at this....
Jamal Khashoggi=612(satanic) also 59....he died age 59. 
Even more fitting into what I have been saying with "86"..
Saudi Arabia=86
Him dying on 10/2 is also interesting as anything that equals 102 is also 612 in the Sumerian Ciphers. 

Royal Rumble=527(satanic) also 888(Jewish)
The Golden Gate Bridge opened on 5/27..
Triple H or HHH(888) important to Ronda Rousey and San Francisco with the Rock...
Jesus=888(greek isosephy)

I wonder if the reason we got Roman Reigns cancer story on 10/22 is showing us the Greatest Royal Rumble too. 
The Greatest Royal Rumble was on 4/27...
Reigns announces the cancer 4 months 27 days after his bday. 
4/27 the 117th day...."Bridge"=117

Also interesting that Marc Anthony sang the national anthem at the 2013 MLB All Star Game...The year of the Boston Bombing and the year the Red Sox won the WS. Remember the Austin Bomber was named Mark Anthony Conditt....The Red Sox 1918 World Series when it got popular to stand during the national anthem. 

Khashoggi also died 33 days after the Crown Prince's 33rd bday. 
Saudi Arabia has a population of 33 million people. 

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