Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ralph Reed texting me from Chattanooga Area code about Voting for Iowa Governor-423

I got this in my text messages today. A message from Ralph Reed telling me to read their guide before I vote for Iowa Governor. I noticed the area code was 423 though which I didn't recall was from Iowa. 
It's funny as just last night I mentioned 423 in regards to Prince Charles and John Cena's bday. 
Notice too that it's the area code of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
Remember this is where my grandma was from and Ralphie May also from...then Ralphie died just after my grandma in Las Vegas...just after the Vegas Shooting. King Ralph came from Las Vegas before being the King...
Las Vegas=86
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(satanic)
Governor=1012(Jewish)...Gabriel number I was talking about last night on the Live Stream. 

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