Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Synchronicity with "Baby" after watching The Conners-Family Guy episode in regards to Dan Marino/Falcons stuff

I just woke up and saw the new episode of "The Conners" was on Hulu. I turned it on and watched the episode that is of course about Roseanne dying because she overdosed on Pills. They set it up perfect...make the last episode of Roseanne about her being addicted to pills...then she does a Racist Tweet and gets fired...then they start a new show killing her off that way lol. It's American Idol and I don't see how people don't get it. . 

Anyway the reason for the post is because after it was over my son was crawling on the floor and he came up to a Mountain Dew can that was on the floor. I grabbed it and told he "No no this stuff is bad for babies". Of course it's not good for anyone, but I for sure don't want him drinking it or cutting his fingers. 
Right as I said it's not for BABIES I hear the TV say the word Baby too. It was some sort of Ad that had came on with this logo pictured above. 

For some reason too my Hulu always reverts back to Family Guy after I watch anything else. Not sure why it does that, but it happens everytime I watch something. After that Baby Bum Ad it started up Family Guy and oddly enough started with the 1st episode. It doesn't always start with the first episode, but it did this time. 
This episode was really important to many things I have documented about which is why I thought it was funny. Plus a main character in Family Guy is Stewie the BABY. 
This is the episode that aired the same day the Falcons lost in SB 33...the only Simpsons episode with Dan Marino in it aired this day as well,  which was important to my uncle giving me that Marino Jersey...Of course the number 13 too that has been important in these baseball rituals with the Brewers. 
Rememberr Ryan Tannehill is # 17...
Daniel Edward Behrendt=1317(Jewish)
Ryan was replaced with Matt Moore in 2016 season...then Matt Ryan of the Falcons went to the Super Bowl. 

Interesting too that today is 3 months 18 days before Super Bowl 53. Remember how my Uncle's bday was 3 months 18 days before mine. My Grandma died 318 days after my bday. The only reason I noticed the Dolphin stuff with my Uncle was because of a Gary Shandling post that was 3 months 18 days before Super Bowl 51.  This number was important to Jesus as the New Testament mentions the 2nd coming 318 times. It's why Michael Jordan(The Bulls God/El) said, I'm Back on 3/18. 
Christ=77=Conscious....the 77th day is 3/18. 
Touch the TV show says the God number is 318. 
Think about all of that in regards to the Golden Gate Bridge Symbolism too and the messiah returning through the Golden Gate. 
It's why I think Stephen Hawking is important too as they gave us a story about him saying there is no God on the same day the Conners released...."Stephen Hawking"=239..."Golden Gate"=239 and more.  The Super Bowl is in Atlanta this year too which is important to RA(falcon)...The eye of Horus logo represents the eye of a Falcon with a teardrop. 

Anyway whole reaosn for this post was again seeing that "Baby" thing in the past few days. It's important but I don't get it yet. 

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