Thursday, October 4, 2018

Post for xelA niveK in regards to not commenting back

I'm just making this post in hopes that xelA niveK sees it. I got this notification in my email about me never responding to their comments. While I get the message in my email...Youtube makes the comment disappear so I cannot comment back. This happens on so many of my videos with multiple other comments. I have some videos that say I have over 100 some comments and I can only see like 4.  So I'm not trying to ignore people, I just have no way to comment back to most people.

My blog is the same way many times. Although many more comments show up on my blog it doesn't allow me to respond to the messages anymore. I used to write messages back to people on the blog and then I would get comments asking why I didn't respond lol, but I did. 

P.S. I checked out the link and it's an interesting story and I will check it out more..Thank you. 


  1. Thanks for the clarification, Dan! No worries. I know the censorship is for real. Love your work!

    In regards to that link, I heard that news months ago, and then when I saw you talking about the beer theme, it clicked for me that you're most likely on to something important there.

    Hoping to see that story as a part of an upcoming video.


  2. Hey! this is an old blog of mine. I'm the same as Casey Jones if you haven't figured it out. My Christian name is Bobby Simpson.

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