Friday, October 5, 2018

Busboy who comforted Robert Kennedy dies on 10/1

He was a Mexican. 
Robert Kennedy died on 6/6 from a shooting by Sirhan Sirhan. 
Robert Kennedy=66, 156(shot on 156th day)
Sirhan Sirhan=66
Thirty Three=66 and 156

Romero died age 68. Robert Kennedy murdered in 68'. 
Remember 68' was also 33 years before 9/11..
9-1-1 made the emergency dialing code in 68'
WTC Construction began on 6/8/68(Aug. 6th). 
Bush graduated Yale-Skull and Bones in 68'. 
Skull and Bones=68
9/11 happened 68 days after Bush's bday. 
False Flag=33 and 156(Jewish)
Magnusson Klemencic associates=156
156th prime is 911. 
Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack=911(Jewish)

Robert Kennedy died age 42 as well. 
It reminds me of Rosa Parks on the Bus. 
Rosa Parks rode the bus age 42 and so on...
Think about RFK and civil rights. 
Think about how MLK JR. died the same year on 4/4. The same day Lincoln had a Dream 10 day before he was shot. 
Sirhan Sirhan born in 44'. 
Forty Four=144
RFK dies at 1:44. 

Romero died on 10/1 which couldn't be a better day. Remember the Roseburg, Oregon shooting on 10/1 in 2015? RFK gave a speech in Roseburg, Oregon 10 days before he died. See my previous posts on 10 days before. I don't have time to finish this post right now, but I will add more later.
Ten Days Later=144
RFK died at 1:44. 
JFK died 144 days after meeting the Pope on the first day of "Sagittarius"=144. 
Marilyn Monroe sang happy bday to JFK 10 days before his real bday. 
Jackie Kennedy died 10 days before JFK's bday. 
Trump met the Pope on the 144th day of 2017. Then released the JFK files 10 days before 144 days after his bday. 
It's the reason last year in the 10th month(October) we got stories about Marilyn Manson and Marilyn Monroe just before the JFK files were released. Also the sexual assualt stuff with Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan. She was Marilyn Manson's girlfriend that made the video with him called Coma White about the JFK Assassination. 
It's why Marilyn Manson's song "Say10" originally had a Trump assassination promo video with it. 
Then we got Charles Manson dying within a month after the JFK files released. 
JFK was 10 presidents before Trump. 
Trump the 44th person to be president. 
Lincoln had a dream on 4/4 which was 10 days before he was shot on 14/4. 
Forty Four=144
Trump met Pope Francis on his 4th month 4 day of being president on the 144th day of the year. 
The first president to die in office was William Henry Harrison Sr.  who died on 4/4. 
William Henry Harrison Sr.=144
JFK the 44th term president. 
The Stormy Daniels stuff happened 10 years before they came out with the it. She was supposedly paid off 10 days before the election. 

Sirhan Sirhan=78(rev red)
He shoots RFK 78 days after his bday. 
His birthday is on what is normaly the 78th day of the year but born in a leap year. 

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