Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Comment on my Elizabeth Warren/Prince Harry Video with the letter "J"

I'm able to get comments in my email again, but still cannot see them on Youtube to respond. It's funny as I just posted a few videos and I got 2 comments in my email on this video yet no comments on Youtube. Anyway the only reason for posting this post is because it's an obvious Troll with the name "Neo Anderson"(The Matrix). I got this message within minutes of posting the video and most of the time I feel there is something to learn from it. 

So just thinking about the letter "J". 
J=10, 17(reverse)
God=17, 10(rev red)

I don't ever use the Jewish Ciphers, but it is interesting that "J" is 6 in Jewish reduced and 24 in Jewish Ordinal...possibly something I'm supposed to see? 
It's also 600 in Jewish...600+24.....

It's also odd to me that in the mix of this I went to Zach's blog and noticed he had a post about Chigozie Truth being deleted off Youtube today(10/15)...Yet I went to his channel and it's still there? 
Only reason it sticks out to me is because I just documented the connected to the Royal Family/Prince Charles and the connection to 624....remember "Chigozie Truth"=624(satanic)...I had the synchronicity with his Drowning Pool and what not. 

So just documenting it, as it just caught my attention and maybe it will be important at a later date. 

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