Monday, October 22, 2018

The 86 connections to the World Series-The 1989 World Series(Earthquake) was the 86th World Series.

I was thinking about this at work earlier. A bunch of things I documented with the Indians, Cubs stuff had a lot to do with the number 86. Billy Bean even drafted in the year 86'. 

Also remember the Holy Fire was in California and in 2017 the California Wildfires were synced to the Dodgers.
The reason I think it's important is because next year Rocky Colavito will be 86 years old. Not saying the Indians are winning next year, but I'm saying it's significant that Rocky will be 86. 

Also remember how I documented about Ferris Bueller's Day Off again this year? I mentioned John Hughes as he was important to the Pink/Mollie/Duck/Goldberg stuff.....He died on 8/6. 
The Dodgers have Walker BUEHLER. 
I talked about how Ferris Bueller and Howard the Duck both came out in 86' when the Red Sox lost to the Mets. 
Josh Peck born in 86'(Drillbit Taylor/Josh and
Even last year 8/6 was important as it was the day that Darren Daulton died and he was synced up to the Astros vs Dodgers in the 113th World Series.
Daulton's nickname was Dutch and John Hughes wrote the film called "Dutch". 

Also the 1989 Earthquake Series was the 86th World Series....

Now we have Los Angeles in the World Series so it's possible we get another Earthquake during a game...

Halloween is even 86 days after 8/ if the World Series goes 7 games it would be on this day. 

Also thinking about Halloween I'm reminded of the "FREDDIE" symbolism. Remember how the year I was Jesus for Halloween my cousin was FRED Flintstone which was important to my Uncle's death...

So Just documenting how the 86 was important, but just not for the Indians to win. Now I know more of what to pay attention for further years in regards to baseball. In 2016 everything I talked about was synced directly to the team, but past 2 seasons it's been for things related to the teams, but not the actual team. 

Remember how 8/6 was a super day for Synchronicity as well. I talked about all sorts of stuff that happened on that day...the Ghost/Moore/Pink....Alex Jones.....M Night Shymalan being born on 8/6. 
Also we got the Aerosmith Van and moving to Las Vegas story synced to the Pink stuff. Aerosmith the Boston Band..
Las Vegas=86

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