Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cubs lose to the ROCKIES-Coors vs Miller(Beer)-Curse of ROCKY Colavito-Cat Synchronicity with Family Guy

I knew this game was going 13 or 17 innings once it went to extra innings. 

When the Rockies put in # 45 in the 12th knowing he was gonna pitch in the 13th too I figured it was over for the Cubs. 
The Rockies got their 45th road win too.
Cursed by the Billy Goat in 45'. 
Thirteen=45 and 45(rev red)
They lose to the Brewers 1-3 and now lose to the Rockies in the 13th. 
Major League=45
Valentines the 45th day of the year. Thinking about Stoneman Douglas in connection to the Cubs. 
Sports Flash=45(Back to the Future)
The Cubs won the 4th and 5th World Series before winning in 2016. 

It was almost midnight in the 12th/13th inning so it was fitting for the Rockies to win on 10/3 the day leaving 89 days in the year. 
Colorado Rockies=89(rev red)
Billy Goat=103

Notice how the final out of the game too was Albert Almoras striking out from Scott Oberg. 
Notice their bdays are 1 month 3 days apart too. 

That 624 with the Notre Dame and VT Tech game though...We'll see what happens with the Indians. 

Especially with my Uncle Clancy dying on 4/17 which is the same day Rocky Colavito was traded in 1960....Notice the Cubs just lost 169 days later...
Rocky Colavito=169
Remember the Cubs beat the Indians on the 114th day of the year 10-3 as well. 
The winning pitcher was "Tyler Chatwood"=624(satanic) and 169
Curse of Rocky Colavito=103(s)
Think about it too....ROCKY Colavito...Colorado ROCKIES. I can't believe I didn't think about that before this game haha. 
Coors Light=417(Jewish)...Tap the Rockies...Coors Light...Coors Field. 
Now they go on to play the BREWERS. 
The "Beer" thing also connects to my Uncle as he was the fastest Beer drinker I've ever seen and many stories of him involving Beer. 
Also it makes more sense with the death of Burt Reynolds now...The film Smokie and the Bandit about bootlegging COORS to Atlanta....which is interesting with the Braves being in the playoffs too. 

Another interesting thing I was thinking about was how the Rockies only WS was lost in Game 4 to Jon Lester and the Red Sox who started tonight for the Cubs. 
The Indians haven't won a WS since the 45th WS. 

So we got the ROCKIES, The Brewers(Harvey Kuenn), The Braves(48 WS), The Dodgers(Cleveland Forest Fire) all connected in a way to the Indians. 

It's also interesting how the Cubs just lost 38 days or 1 month 7 days before my bday. 
The 38th state. 
So on...
17 the big number with the Cubs and Stoneman Douglas. 

So I'm re-reading what I wrote on this blog to try and put it together in my head and maybe get an idea to look something else up. I was reading about the 6 and 24 Notre Dame vs VT above and I hear the TV say something about shaving a CAT. 
Of course a Family Guy episode is playing about shaving a CAT. 

Casey Jones even pointed out to me that "Cat"=6 and 24 in the two main ciphers the other day. 

It's the episode called "420" which is about Brian trying to legalize weed. I'm just thinking about that in regards to Colorado too. 

Thinking about Coors Light being called "Silver Bullets" as well. It makes me think of how my Uncle hated the Nebraska Cornhuskers who are doing terrible this year...but Nebraska really important to Teen Wolf. 


  1. Tyler Chatswood pitched for the Cubs this year, but he pitched for the Rockies last year.

  2. The Brewers 162nd game was against Detroit and the NFL ties were in Cleveland, Ohio and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Ohio and Wisconsin, Indians and Brewers... Tie = 114 (Jewish)

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