Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Austin Bomber dead 218 days before 10/24 Mail bombs-8/6 the day Alex Jones removed from Social Media/Pink Synchronicity Video

I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and Young Decoder called in talking about the Mail bombs today in regards to the Austin Bombings. Funny I just mentioned these last night in my video in regards to the Pink symbolism and the connection to 8/6. 

Remember I had all this synchroncity on 8/6 that involved PINK/Finger just like I did in December with the film The Number 23 and PINK/ was connected to Alex Jones in December and then on 8/6 we got the story of Alex Jones being kicked off Social Media. The Austin Bomber wore PINK gloves..

Funny it even involved my cat jumping on my lap and me saying "There You Go" just as Alex Jones said "There You Go" on Zach's video. Then I found out Pink's first single was called "There You Go" and what not...but it involved a CAT. 
Alex Jones is from Austin and 8/6 was also the day that he got kicked off youtube and Facebook. 
Remember 8/6 is the 218th day...
Conspiracy Theory=218
Notice the last Austin Bomb was on 3/20 which is 218 days before we got this big story today with Mail bombs. 

Richard Hofstadter made the negative connotations on the term "Conspiracy Theory" and he was born on 8/6(218th day)...notice he died on 10/24 too which is 2 months 18 days after his bday. 
So today is a perfect day in connection to what I am saying. 
They pushed the term to popularity...8/6...6/8...10/24 leaves 68 days. 
Remember too how the Austin Bombing was synced up to Stone Cold Steve Austin....
2/18 leaves 316 days in the year. 
Austin 3:16 and so on....

Remember John Hughes born on 2/18 and died on 8/6. Molly Ringwald born on 2/18(Pretty in Pink/Hughes film). 

It's no coincidence I randomly watched the Justin Timberlake film "In Time" the other night as well. Remember he did the halftime show at the Super Bowl and PINK did the National Anthem. 

Just looking at the patterns and listening to my old video in regard to the 8/6 stuff....interesting at 2:18am I mentioned possibly we will get a 9/11 type event on November 4th this year. Possibly nothing, but something has been showing me to pay attention to this video and I find it interesting I would say that at 2:18am in the video. 

The original Pink stuff happened on 12/8 which is the anniversary of the US declaring war on Japan.....think about 8/6 in regards to Hiroshima too. 

The Drowing stuff was connected to XXXTentacion's cousin who drowned in Jamaica....Jamaica gained it's Independence on 8/6..1962. 

Molly Ringwald born on 2/18/68. 

Think about it too.....Goldberg(wrestler)...Stone Cold Steve Austin....
Mark Henry knew a victim of the Austin bombing....Henry born on 6/12 the same day the Time Warner merger approved. 
I'm gonna have to go back and look at my old info on the Austin Bomber too, but I can't stay awake right now. 

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