Wednesday, October 31, 2018

11 Sycnhroncity tonight 11 days before my bday-Finger Eleven

Earlier at Work today they posted the new schedule. I thought it was funny that I'm scheduled to work at 11am on 11/11. As much as I've talked about that day being important to the Red Sox and the World Series....and World War I ending at 11 on 11/11. 

So I get off work and my girlfiend didn't work tonight either so we decided to go to the casino in Onawa. On the way there I was thinking about numbers and if I'd win or not based on number patterns. I noticed that today is 11 days before my birthday. 
Anyway I put some money in and kept losing. I only cashed out 3 times and 2 of the times I was down to 11 cents. The other time it was 26 cents. I didn't do it on purpose, I just moved to a diffferent machine and with 11 cents I wasn't able to bet anymore on the machines I was on.....
I honestly forgot about the 11 days before my bday after we were losing so much. I started talking to some other guy I know at the casino and just wasn't really paying as much attention as I usually would....anyway when we were about 15 minutes from home I remembered I had just bought a deal where I can hook my phone to the radio. For some reason I just randomly wanted to hear the band "Finger Eleven"..they used to be one of my favorite bands(pre "Paralyzer" song)...and I haven't listened to them in anyway I have my girlfriend turn on the album "The Greyest of Blue Skies"....we pulled into the driveway and I was like play the song "Stay and Drown" and told her how if we ever got married we would dance to a rock ballad like this song....she jokingly got mad at me as she never wants to get married....but anyway she turned the song on and I grabbed my phone and saw it was 11:11pm. I said, "oh better make a's 11:11"....then I laughed and said, "haha isn't that crazy...I have no idea why I wanted to listen to this band and now I look at my phone at 11:11 while listening to Finger Eleven"? Then I remembered how today was 11 days before my bday and I cashed out with 11 cents 2 times....Just mind think about it with the "Finger" symbolism I have mentioned..

The playlist we were listening to skipped a track, but if you look up the album on Wikipedia it even says the song "Stay and Drown" is Track # 11. 
Think about the "Drowning" symbolism and how it's connected to Pink/Finger and so on too....
Notice the song is 4:23 in length as well.....I documented about this number just before leaving to the casino too. 

It's crazy how every aspect is synced to me as well. 
Finger Eleven=202(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=50, 95, 202(reverse)
Stay and Drown=50

Interesting that "Finger Eleven" also has a connection to the WWE as they wrote Kane's Theme song at the time of the "The Greyest of Blue Skies" Album. 
Also their song "One Thing" was used a tribute for Chris Benoit....notice he died on 6/24...
Benoit along with Shawn Michael are the only people to win the Royal Rumble starting as the number one entrant. 

Think about how Kane and Shawn Michaels are going against each other on 11/2 and the Crown Jewel pay per view in Saudi Arabia. 

Kane is also a mayor in Tennessee which reminds me of the Chattanooga connection....
Remember Undertaker lives in Austin, Texas. 

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