Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In Time(Film) People stop aging at 25 years old

My son would not go to sleep earlier, so I turned on a random movie. It just so happened to be the film "In Time". I watched the film a long time ago and thought it was good so when I saw it on the recommended movies I clicked on it. 
Funny how the plot is about when you turn 25 years old you stop aging and then you get 1 more year that if you don't add time to you will die. 
Time=25(rev red)
It is mostly set in the town of Dayton, Ohio...
Dayton, Ohio=144

The main rich family in the movie that is stealing all the Time is the Weis Family. 
Timberlake's character's last name is Will Salas. 
He falls in love with Sylvia Weis. 
Will's best friend in the film is "Borel". 

Have to appreciate the Bus number before his mom dies in the film too. Dayton88...
He gets all his time originally from a guy named Henry Hamilton...HH..88
Think about Back to the Future and 88mph. 
88 is 4 circles....4X360=1,440
There's 1,440 minutes in a day....
Also the number 12 on the Bus....
12X12=144 like "Time"=144
2 sets of 12 hours in a day. 

The main cop known as a "Timekeeper" is Raymond Leon. 
Raymond Leon=55, 53
Timekeeper=53, 55

El=25(Jewish)...El the Keeper of Time. 

It's funny too that this film is a lot to do with people killing each other over their "Time/Money"....just earlier this article was on CNN about how you don't want to win the big Lottery because many people get murdered for the money and what not....

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