Tuesday, October 30, 2018

John Cena not attending WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia more King Symbolism

John Cena not going to Saudi Arabia now....notice this story comes 189 days after his bday. 
With the end date it's 190 days after his 41st bday. 

King Charles=190(reverse), 107
King=41 and 67(reverse)
Saudi Arabia=41
Notice it's 6 months 7 days. 
John Felix Anthony Cena Jr=107
With the End Date the Greatest Royal Rumble was 190 days before the Crown Jewel...

Cena's bday is also fitting  4/23...
Search my blog for the number 423...
King Charles II was coronated on 4/23. 
I put my death of Prince video out on 4/23 in 2016 and right after I put it out I got a copyright strike on a video from 11/25/14 that was synced up to the King Charles I and 22 Jumpstreet. 11/25 was also Henrietta Maria of France's bday. 
It's the day I put my first ever Youtube "conspiracy video" out in 2013. It was about the Boston Bombing/Batman....

Thinking about that Plane Crash in connection with the 189 and being called "LION"...
Plus the plane number was 610...
Prince Philip=189(reverse) born on 6/10. 

Cena is being replaced by Bobby Lashley who was born on 7/16. 
That's the 197th day leaving 168 days. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Lashley is 42 years old...so we get that part of it...
Bobby Lashley=47, 128
Crown Jewel=47, 128

Remember how I said the Iron Sheik has to be important to all of this too? I think I now see the riddle considering the Austin Bomber/Mail bombings and the connection to Julius Caesar/Bridge collapses....
The Iron Sheik born on the Ides of March. 
Iron Sheik=423(satanic)
Eighty One=423(satanic)
Remember 81 the big Bridge number. 
Eighty One=624(Jewish)
King Charles III=624(satanic)
The Ides of March=624(satanic)

Also remember the Iron Sheik was tag team partners with Nikolai Volkoff who died this year the same day as Brian Lawler who is the son of Jerry THE KING Lawler. 

The connection back into 189 is fitting as well because Jerry Lawler's bday is 11/29...
189th prime is 1129. 

Prince Philips bday to the Crown Jewel is 4 months 23 days. 

Remember that Prince Philip is 1,776 days older than Queen Elizabeth...


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