Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Synchronicity with my Uncle Freddie Fingers today-Beer-Indians lose 11-3 to the Astros-Death of Uncle same day Barbara Bush died in Houston-Barbara Bush marriage announcement today-Christopher Columbus New World ORDER

When DJing a wedding on Saturday a few guys I haven't seen in a few years were there. They are older than me, probably in their 50's?..They are friends with my Uncle Freddie and I used to stay with Freddie a lot when I was younger because his son Jacob and I are close in age. Anyway these guys that  I saw at the wedding are Twins named Myron and Byron. I talked to them for pry 15 minutes and then had to check on the music and what not. It's funny too in regards to BEER as Freddy is my uncle on my dads side that I would compare to Clancy on my moms side. They both love to party and have good time. 

So long story short....
I got to work today and found out I was training a new lady. As I was talking to her, I found out she is the mother of Myron and Byron. I thought it was funny as I haven't seen them in years and then I see them...then I get to work and I find out I'm training their mother whom I've never met. I was telling her that I'm a Behrendt and Freddie is my uncle which is how I know her sons. As she was leaving today she asked me again what my name was, and I told her and then reminded her of Freddie and she laughed and went home. She left at 4 but I had to work till 10...anyway she wasn't gone more than 5 minutes and my uncle Freddy came into the store...I said speak of the devil, as I haven't seen him in a while either and I just talked about him...then he shows up. 

So I was trying to think why it might be important and I think I know...When Freddie was younger he cut off some of his fingers and he has the nickname "Fingers". It's why I used to love the film "Freddy Got Fingered" as well, pretty much because of my Uncle. 
Think about how that relates to my last few posts in regards to Trevor Bauer and Pinky...The original post was about "Finger" symbolism too. 
The Indians also lost today and Bauer got the loss. 

The Brewers had a guy named Rollie Fingers when they played and lost in their only world series to the Cardinals. Look at this guys mustache too....does it not remind you of when the Cardinals beat the Cubs just before the end of the season with Miles Mikolas and Cole Hamels talked about his crazy Mustache? 

Seriously look at that...Freddie's birthday is August 10? That's Rocky Colavito's bday lol. A big thing I have been talking about all year...Clancy died on the day the Indians were cursed by the Rocky Trade...
With the End Date Freddie's 60th bday was even 60 days ago. 

8/10 or 10/8....Today is 10/8 or 8/10....the Indians lose to the Astro's today with a score of 11-3....
Curse of Rocky Colavito=113
The Astro's won the 113th World Series.
The Astro's also won 11-3 over the Royals on 6/24. 
On 4/17 the Royals lost 11-3 as well....
Rocky Colavito traded on the 108th day in 1960...
It's why it was important for the Cubs to play the Indians to break their 108 year curse and so on...

You have to admire the fact that the Braves got knocked out of the playoffs as well today. Remember the last time the Indians won the World Series it was against the Boston Braves in 1948. Funny how they both lost to the teams that were in the 113th World Series(Astros and Dodgers). 
Notice how the Braves lost by 4 and the Indians by 8 as well. They played each other in the 48' World Series. 

Also when Clancy died I mentioned the significance of Barbara Bush dying as well. Remember she died in Houston. 
Now today the day the Indians lose we get the announcement that her grand daughter also named Barbara Bush got married. 
Barbara Bush=78(rev red), 204(reverse)
Houston Astros=78, 204
She also died age 92. 

This announcement comes 174 days after Barbara Bush died too. 
New World Order=174
NWO=174(rev sum)
HW Bush gave the New World Order speech 11 years exactly befor 9/11/2001 when his son was the president. 
NWO=11(rev red) and 52. 
Remember Barbara died 52 days before her bday on 6/8...
WTC construction began on 6/8/68(Aug. 6th)..
9-1-1 made the Emergency dialing code in 68'. 
George W. Bush graduated from Yale in 68'. 
Skull and Bones=68
GW Bush's bday was 68 days before 9/11. 
Remember Rocky Colavito finished his career in New York in the year 68' as well. 
This comes on Columbus Day which is in honor Christopher Columbus discovering the "NEW WORLD" supposedly....yet he killed the Indians who were already here....
Think about the Indians...the Braves....and the Redskins all losing today as well. 

Barbara Bush actually got married yesterday on 10/7, but they didn't report it until today when George Bush announced it. 
George Bush=107

It's also funny as W Bush's daughter who got married is named Barbara Pierce Bush....his mother was Barbara Pierce but became Bush. 

Barbara Pierce Bush=77
Craig Louis Coyne=77
Remember HW was 77 years old when 9/11 happened. 
HW was the director of the CIA until 77'. 
World Trade Center=77
September Eleventh=77
Flight 77 hitting the 77 foot tall pentagon exactly 77 minutes after takeoff on the 77th meridian. 
W. Bush married in 77' to Laura Bush who was born on 11/4...Thinking 114th World Series. 
Prescott Bush died age 77 and died 7 months 7 days before his bday. 
We got the article earlier this year about HW and Barbara being married for 77 years. 

It's also interesting in regards to her dying age 92..."Astros"=92
Pentagon=92....today being 10/8....
A pentagon has 5 sides made up of 108 degrees each(540 total). 
Major league=108...108 doubles stitches...
The Pentagon broke Ground on 9/11/41 which was 77 years ago. 
Nice how the Pentagon attack was also the first foreign attack on Washington since the War of 1812. 
Christopher Columbus=92

Also remember 6/24 is the date modern freemasonry was founded. I talked about the Cubs in regards to the Billy Goat and riding the goat in freemasonry....also Bush reading My Pet Goat to the kids on 9/11/2001. Grover Cleveland died on 6/24...108 days before the WS began in 1908 when the Cubs went on to win the World Series. 

Think about how Barbara Bush(young) is a TWIN as well and I started this post off in regards to seeing Twins Myron and Byron. 
Twin Towers..

Looking back I have a lot of information in regards to the 9/11 symbolism...even the story of Rudy G(9/11 mayor) being booed at the Astros vs Yankees game this year the same day the Rockets got knocked out of the playoffs. All the syncs with 6/24 and Rocky Colavito is the reason I thought it was for the Indians, yet the other topics I was documenting were related to it..Even the James Paxton Eagle stuff was showing us the SPACE/MOON stuff reminding us of Houston. 

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  1. Wow! Talk about some In-Your-Face synchronicity. It's as though someone is guiding you and giving you this information. The granddaughter of Barbara Bush (BB=22, the 79th prime) was married in (M)aine, the 23rd State, The letter "M" is the "13th" letter of the alphabet (13 + 23 =36) and Barbara is 36 yrs old. The letter "M" is the letter "W" upside down. The letter "W" is the 23rd in the English alphabet. The 43rd President, Barbara's Father George (W). Bush is known as a variant of the letter "W", "DUBYA".
    (W)edding, (W)orld Trade Center and (W)orld Series and this year is the 114th World Series.
    "114th World Series"=79(Keypad)

    "114th World Series"=181(English Ordinal) "181" is the "42nd" prime
    "World Trade Center"=181(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Wedding"=42(Jewish Red.)