Sunday, October 7, 2018

PINKY Finger symbolism that I missed before in regards to the Indians

I'm sitting here analyzing some of my notes in regards to the Indians to see if there is something I might have missed. The Synchronicity happening to me is just so overwhelming that I know there is something I'm supposed to learn from it. Just a few hours ago I came home from the Dollar Store and was hungry. I was cooking something in the microwave and I looked over at the stove and of course the time on it said 6:24...although the clock is wrong as it was more like 8:30 when I got back. Yes, I know the stove needs cleaned too haha. 
Anyway remember how Youtube changed my thumbnail picture to Father Howard 624 days after I put a music video with the picture on it out. They changed my Cleveland Indians video about Trevor Bauer's finger injury.....I'm just looking back at it and I never really put it together that it was his "PINKY" Finger. Remember how "PINK/PINKY" was important this summer as well. 
The reason I looked it up was because of Encarnacion and Josh Donaldson are with the Indians now and their former team was the Blue Jays...The Trevor Bauer thing was in the series against the Blue Jays. 

Also remember how I mentioned I had to go to the ER for the infection in my arm a few weeks ago? It all started because I had an infected hangnail on my PINKY Finger..
It was Friday 9/21 when I first noticed it and 9/22 when I went to the ER...The Indians played the Red Sox both of them days too. 

Gonna think more on it, but there is something important to the PINKY theme I didn't see until just now. 

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