Friday, October 26, 2018

Cesar Sayoc the Mail Bomb Suspect-Mark Anthony Conditt the Austin Bomber-FIU Bridge Collapse-Politcal assassination

The Mail Bomber suspect is named Cesar Sayoc Jr...
Think about the connection to the Austin Bomber...
Mark Anthony Conditt.....

There is a riddle here with Political assassination as Julius Caesar was assassinated and one of his top generals was Mark Anthony. 

Also him being found in SOUTH Florida makes me think of the Bridge Collapse at FIU that was on the Ides of March or the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. 
The other reason I say this is because Mark Anthony died on 8/1...which is important to Bridge Collapses. 
Augustus became ruler after Caesar at the beginning of the Roman empire. Think about it...Augustus...August...he was born on 9/23. 

Julius Caesar=86, 185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185

Doesn't Aventura remind you a bit of Ace Ventura as well? Jim Carrey....they find him just after the Miami Dolphins lose to the Texans?

Mark Anthony also born on 1/14....
Cesar Altieri Sayoc=114
Minneapolis Minnesota=114(8/1 bridge collapse)

Also in regards to the Austin Bomber dying 218 days before this story got real big with Obama and the Clinton's...
Also this story coming 2 months 18 days after 8/6 important to Conspiracy Theory/Alex Jones being kicked off Social media...
Pipe bomb=218(Jewish)

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