Thursday, October 4, 2018

Real Life 'Peggy Sue' inspiration for Buddy Holly's song dies age 78-Comment on my Buddy Holly video a few weeks ago-Amelia Earhart

She dies 4 months 2 days before the anniversary of the Day the Music died...
Peggy Sue=42

She dies 3 months 16 days after her own bday...
Charles Hardin Holley=316(reverse)

Peggy Sue is actually the husband of one of the band members named Jerry Allison. 
Jerry Ivan Allison=78
She dies age 78. 

Their bdays were 78 days(end date) apart as well. 
Peggy Sue born on the 166th day. 
Jerry Allison=166(reverse)

It's weird seeing this story about Peggy Sue as I remember not too long ago someone commented on my video about Buddy Holly from back in 2014. 
Also look what I start off talking about in the video....Amelia Earhart? 
That's just crazy as I randomly mentioned Amelia Earhart last night in regards to the China Warship picture. Of all the people I could mention in regards to an old picture I mentioned Amelia Earhart and now I see her on an old Buddy Holly video? 
Amelia Earhart=239(reverse)
It's funny as I got the comments on that video on 9/14 which is important to the 239 and the Battle of Baltimore. 
Also... Amelia Mary Earhart=169
Rocky Colavito=169 and so on...

Remember too Buddy Holly's bday was 117 days after Richie Valens bday and 1 months 17 days before the Big Bopper's bday. They all died while on the "Winter Dance Party Tour"=117
The Big Bopper died 3 months 10 days after his bday. Also 102 days. 
Jiles Richardson Jr.=102
Richie Valens died 3 months 10 days before his bday also 99 days. 
Richard Valenzuela=99

That'll be the day(That I die) was 2:30 in length. 
The Tour started in Milwaukee on the 23rd day of 1959. 
They died on 2/3. 
Commented 2 weeks 3 days before Peggy Sue died. 

The commenter has 239 Subscribers too lol. 
Amelia Earhart 2017 Youtube Video

I mentioned a lot of 22 in the above link too. Buddy Holly died age 22. 
Buddy Holly Video

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