Thursday, October 4, 2018

Synchronicity at work and phone call I got on 10/1-Coors light $2 off and a guy with Colorado Rockies gear on today

Last night at work my cousin Ben was working up front and I was in the Kitchen. He was training a person who had quit a while back, but came back again. Anyway I walked up front and he was talking about some kid he goes to High School with saying something offensive about 9/11. I then went on and started telling Ben 9/11 jokes....such as....What was the last thing that went through John's head on the 31st floor of the WTC? The 32nd Floor...Or how Connie ordered a pizza just before the attack. She ordered it Plane...just dumb ass jokes I remember from years ago. 

Anyway after talking about the kid in his school, the next customer to come to the store just so happened to be the kid he was talking about. They call him "Gordo", but I don't know much more about him...just wanted to document the synchronicity especially since it involved 9/11. 

So I stayed up late as crap last night to make some videos and research some things even though I had to work at 9am today. Sometime around Noon the owner was talking about how they ordered/or somehow had way too much Coors Light, and we had to get rid of it. She marked the Coors Light down by $2. 
I'm thinking how interesting it's COORS Light as I just documented about it on my blog in regards to the Colorado Rockies and a beer theme. 
A little while later a group of somewhat older(50/60's)people came in and were talking to me and asked where the bathroom was and what not. One of the guys told me they were from Colorado and heading to Fort Dodge, Iowa and asked if I knew how much longer it would be. I told him probably close to 2 hours. It was interesting enough that they were from Colorado, but there was one guy with them that was all decked out in Colorado Rockies stuff. He had a Hat and a Jersey of the Rockies on it. I wish I could remember what player, but I cannot remember for the life of me. It wasn't a player that stood out to me from the game last night, so possibly it was an older jersey. 

Another odd thing that happened to me a few days ago was with my phone. I got a new vehicle and had to put insurance on it, so I called the insurance people. A few seconds after I hung up my phone rang...I usually don't answer, but I thought it might be the insurance people since I just got off the phone with them. It turned out to be a lady who barely spoke english asking for Robert Kroll. I told her that I'm not him and then she hung up. I was in the middle of telling her that I used to know him but he is deceased so they would hopefully take his name off the list. It's just interesting because remember the "Chase" theme from a while back I documented about Robert dying and also his daughter/son in regards to the Drowning theme. Remember she asked me about saving her brother from Drowning at the Buffalo Club that equals 624 and more. Even my best friend who was hitting on her is a Cleveland Indians Fan. Looking at my phone I got the call on 10/1 at 12:15pm. 

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