Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Synchronicity with Family Guy again tonight involving CATS-Hocus Pocus Cat theme last night too

As I was writing up my last post about Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen having Cancer I randomly looked up at the TV and saw this. Lois said something about a turf war and a CAT, then it cuts to a scene with Peter fighting with a CAT. I mean I haven't looked at the TV since earlier and I just randomly looked up and saw this. It's just neverending. The reason I stopped looking at my computer was because I heard a noise on the front porch and I just told myself it was the Cats as I don't see anyone out there. Then I went pee and sat down and looked at the TV and see something about Cats. 
How funny too that in this episode Lois finds out she has Breast CANCER and then in turn learns she is Jewish. 
It's also funny to me because today at work a girl I used to work with came in with some baggy white and black striped pants. She asked me what  I thought of them, because everyone at school was telling her she looked like a Jew in the Holocaust. 

It also reminded me that last night I was scrolling through the featured movies and nothing stuck out to me except for the film Hocus Pocus. I figured I'd turn it on because I've documented the Mandela Effect with the film and the CAT being named Thackery and not Zachary....I didn't even think about it until now how it involves a CAT haha. I didn't really even watch the film much, but I turned it on and glanced at it once in a while like I usually do...I'm just surprised I didn't even put the Cat reference together. 
My first Pet was a black cat named Simba too, which is why I think the cat on the film always had a place in my head. Simba just died a few years back, he was like 20 some years old. 

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