Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Steve King story in regards to the Pittsburgh shooting-

Steve King was in the news again the other day in regards to his rhetoric and the Pittsburgh Shooting...
Funny how Sam just brought him up the other night and also the connection to him and the Royal Family stuff I've been documenting. 
Also interesting that last night I documented about the number 11 and I see this shooting killed 11 now. My girlfriend also woke me up this morning because my dad came over. He wanted me to help him move his furniture because they ordered new furniture and it was coming today. 
Anyway Jasmine told me that she told him I usually get up at 11, which I thought was funny. 

Also of course Pittsburgh is the city of BRIDGES. 
Tree of Life=169
169 was important all summer...
Rocky Colavito=169
Detroit Tigers=169

Also "Steven Arnold King"=190
King Charles=190
Also in 2016 I documented a bunch about Steve King as he was connected to the boy being ate by the alligator in Florida....That was all connected to Andrew Jackson....The number 114 was really important in all of that....just thinking about the 114th World Series..

In regards to the War of 1812 it's also interesting that...
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania=1812(rev sum)

Funny writing up this post a second ago I got a notification on an old video....Funny to me that it has 11 likes.....I think I mentioned a bunch about the Washington Redskins/Rams in this video too. I'll have to go back and watch it. 

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