Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Milwaukee Brewers lose in the 13th inning and also 13th Game of Streak to the Dodgers-M=13..Max Muncy, Mike Moustakas, Manny Machado

My god what a 13 ritual watching this game. Dodgers win in the 13th inning. Remember the other game the Dodgers won in this series they stopped Milwaukee from getting their 13th straight win that began with a win over the Pirates with 13 runs.  
Also reminds us of the 13 ritual with the Brewers and the Cubs. 
 Right as the game was over they even kept zooming in on # 13 of the Dodgers. 

# 41 was pitching. 
13th prime number is 41. 

The 3rd base coach for the Dodgers was even # 45 who after the game the announcers talked about and how excited he was sending him home. 

In the top of the 13th inning they kept throwing the ball to first base as there was a guy on. Of course the first baseman was # 13 Max Muncy. This was when Brewer's Mike Moustakas was at bat to finish the top of the 13th. 
Mike Moustakas....Max Muncy
I thought maybe Moustakas would hit a HR making the score 1-3 on the 13th pitch in the 13th giving the Brewers a 3-1 series lead, but then he fouled off and then struck out. After he struck out I noticed the pitcher for the Brewers was #41 and figured the Dodgers were winning. 

The winning run was scored by Manny Machado(MM). He also had controversy in the game by stepping on the 1st Baseman's ankle. 

In the mix of halfway watching the game I was writing up a Blog post about a story we got of Stephen Hawking. I was listening to my video on the death of him and I mentioned how the last episode of the Big Bang Theory he was in...Sheldon brought up the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thought it was funny as 3 innings later the Dodgers win the game in the 13th. 

I might look more at the game later. I didn't start watching until the 9th inning. I wanna finish my Stephen Hawking post...I know there were a few other 13's in the game too, but I wasn't writing them down as I can't rewind them to get screenshots. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Hawking=73..died on the 73rd day of the year. Today is 7 months 3 days after he died. Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory's favorite number is 73 and so on..
The controversy between Machado and Aguilera is interesting too as they are # 8 and 24..."The Big Bang Theory"=824(Jewish)
I documented about 824 a few times in the summer in regards to the Cubs too. 

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