Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Baby synchronicity all day long-Moore theme-Death of Oli Herbert age 44-MM

I just went to the school and picked up Claire. Just before this my girlfriend turned on "Young Sheldon". As I was listening to it, he mentioned something about Spock and a BABY.....So I go and pick up Claire and went to my moms house so she could get a snack. As I was there, my mom brought up that she didn't know one of my new coworkers had a BABY......Now we are home and Claire wanted to watch Cartoons so I told her to turn on what she wanted to watch. Of course she goes to Netflix and turns on a TV show of Boss BABY. You just can't make this up, its hilarious and happens to me all the time. 

Sam also text me how an article about the death of Oli Herbert of the band All That Remains age 44. Sam had previusly mentioned how MM was important to 44. I have suspicions that I'm supposed to pay attention to Sam as he is part of the "MOORE" theme. 
Also the band All that Remains is one of my cousin Timmy and Ryan's favorite bands. At least I have memories of them with this band..Timmy used to play their song "Thunder Rolls" at the bar so many people around here love Country. 
Remember how Timmy and Ryan were both important in the death of my Uncle Barney....Barney was when the "Moore" theme began, because of Matt Moore..MM...44.

Ha and just checked the message again to make sure I got the guys name right while writing this post up. Of course it would be 4:44pm with 10 percent on my phone too. 

The reason I was following Mike Moustakas so much in 2014 was because of the stone Cube that was placed on the Georgia Guidestones many were talking about. It had MM JAM 8..16...20...14 on it which many people thought was stood for "Master Mason" Judgement Against Mankind. 
Of course 8+16+20+14=58
Also 8/16 leaves 137 days in the year. 
33rd prime is 137. 

Sam's Blog Post
Go read one of Sam's first blog posts about the Georgia Guidestones keeping the population under 500 million. He mentioned possibly it's just the amount of people needed for concsiousness to work similar to the 1000 Monkey experiment. 


  1. It's odd that you have the Stone Cube picture up. It says "Jam" on it. Today before work, I was listening to Zach's live stream. A person I was talking to in the chat kept calling me "Jam" I thought it was odd, because the person wasn't being facetious, and seemed well read (at least for someone on YouTube).

  2. Listened to Global Witness last night and he said 144,000 people needed for consciousness shift for good. Still learning, don't know enough to elaborate but pretty sure that was the number.