Saturday, October 20, 2018

Missing Wisonsin Girl-The Film Slender Man that came out on 8/10 this year

Seeing this story of the missing Wisconsin girl brings back memories of a film I watched in August this year. I guess I didn't document it on this blog, but I do remember thinking there was some importance to it....and I'm surprised I didn't document about it as it came out on Rocky Colavito's bday of 8/10. 
I know I read about this story and even did gematria on it, but for some reason I didn't put it on the blog or I can't find it. 

The reason it's so funny to me is that we have th Brewers from Wisconsin all about the number 13 and now we have a 13 year old missing from this film comes out on Rocky Colavito's bday and he was traded for Harvey Keunn who coached the Brewers in the last time the went to the World Series. 

I'm at a loss as I swear I made a post on this and cannot find it? Maybe I talked about it on a video and not on the blog?  
Slender Man=165
In the real Slender Man stabbings the girl who was stabbed was 
Payton Leutner=165

I swear I had a post on this lol...why can't I find it? 
Possibly I just wrote it down at work the next day after watching and never blogged about it? Who knows... Oh well...just interesting the connection of this new story to that movie. 

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