Friday, October 5, 2018

Stories in the mainstream media headlines about Beer/Alcohol-Ben Affleck-Drunk Minnesota Birds-Yankees Fan Throws Beer on A's Fan

Drunk Birds=69(rev red), 150(reverse)
World Series=69(rev red), 150(reverse)
There are currently 2 headline stories on CNN that involve Alcohol/Beer. 
Birds keep crashing in Minnesota cause they're drunk? 
Yankees Fan Throws beer at A's fan....
New York=78(reverse)
Oakland A's=78

What I think is interesting too is that...
Yankees Fan=169(reverse)
Rocky Colavito=169 and so on..
Rocky Colavito finished his Mlb career in 1968 starting with the Dodgers but finishing with the Yankees. 
A's Fan=94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94=Cleveland Indians

Rocky Colavito also had a Rare feat in this season with the Yankees too. He was a position player that got credited with a Win in pitching(against Detroit on 8/25/68). The next time it happened was Brent Mayne of the Colorado Rockies lol. 
Mayne born in 68'
Detroit also won the World Series in 68'. 

Another interesting thing about Rocky is that his 624th career game was in the year he got traded to Detroit...and it was against the Yankees. 

It makes me think of the hype on Anthony Rizzo pitching earlier this year too. Also the Cubs being the first since 1979 to pitch 3 position players in a game this year. 

I just went to and right at the top was a story of Ben Affleck going to Alcohol treatment. 

All the Alcohol things makes me think of hitting ROCK Bottom, but who knows just throwing it out there. 

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