Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rocky Colavito ejected in Kansas City Royals Pine Tar Game

I talked about the Kansas City Royals being important to what I have been documenting and I looked up Rocky Colavito again. Notice he was a coach of the Royals in the 80's. He was arrested with Manager Dick Howser and also ejected in the Pine Tar Game. 
Pine Tar=83 also 43(rev red)
Notice the incident occured when the score was 4-3 and Brett hit a 2 run HR. 
The game was in 83'. 
The game finished on 18/8. 
Pine Tar Game=188(reverse) and 109
It was the Royals 90th game. "Royals"=90

George Brett=59, 122
Kansas City Royals=59 also 103(rev red)
Kansas City=122
Curse of Rocky Colavito=103
George Brett's final game was on 10/3. 

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