Sunday, October 14, 2018

UCLA had a 0-5 start just like Nebraska-2015 Teen Wolf Nebraska/UCLA connections to the Chiefs and Rams-Moses

This is so perfect. I haven't been paying enough attention, but yesterday I had a wedding to go to and I checked to see when Michigan played on my phone. I was seeing the time of the game, because I figured if Michigan was playing my best friend wouldn't be coming to the wedding until after the game. Anyway I noticed a headline article about UCLA being 0-5 just like Nebraska. 

I have been talking about this riddle for a long time. All the Teen Wolf stuff that was connected to UCLA and Nebraska. Then they played each other in the Foster Farms Bowl in San Francisco(Levi's Stadium) to finish off the season. In 2015 I talked about how this was connected to the Chiefs and the Rams. The Chiefs play in the Sea of Red...Moses Parted the Red Sea...Moses was in the Tribe of Levi...he brought in the Age of Aries which is a RAM. 

Think about it..UCLA and Nebraska both go 0-5 and the Chiefs and Rams are the only NFL teams to go 5-0. 

Also UCLA's coach is Chip Kelly who after 2015 went on to coach the San Francisco 49ers. The Super Bowl in the 2015 season(SB 50..think 0-5, 5-0) was also held in Levi's Stadium in which they did the Black Panther Tribute...then in 2016 we get all the racial division with Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers. 
Also Scott Frost coached under head coach Chip Kelly at Oregon. Frost stayed until 2015, but Kelly left to coach the Eagles to replace Andy Reid who coaches the Chiefs. 
The Oregon State Beavers are the mascot that the Beavers are based off of in the film Teen Wolf with Nebraska stuff all over the movie. Mike Riley became the coach of Nebraska in 2015 and took them to the Foster Farms Bowl, but he was famous for coaching the Oregon State Beavers. 
Super Bowl Fifty=71
Golden Super Bowl=71
The Ten Commandments=71

Yesterday UCLA finally got a win becoming 1-5 against California who plays in Berkeley which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

What else sticks out is that just before Moses received the 10 Commandments there was an Earthquake. Remember all the Happy Gilmore stuff that was connected to this as well with the building that looks like the Comcast Center in Philadelphia collapsing due to an earthquake. Happy Gilmore was all about 99....9th green at 9...Sandler born on 9/9....just makes me think how this is the 99th season of the last year we had the 4.1 earthquake that was felt in Philadelphia which is why I thought we would get the Eagles in the Super Bowl. 

It makes a lot more sense to in regards to the death of my uncle who hated Nebraska and loved the Bears. Remember the Carolina Panthers were compared to the 85' Bears and even had coach Ron Rivera who played for the 85' Bears. They were the team used in the Black Panther Tribute in Super Bowl 50. 

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