Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Evan Almighty and God giving him Signs through Numbers-John Goodman-614

I just got home a bit ago as I didn't have band practice, but we needed groceries. Anyway I was listening to the Gematria Effect, but also doing some other things. I heard Zach say something on his Live stream today about calling a guy who said he's being told what to write....So I figured I would look for that video to see what he was talking about. Anyway I click on the Live Stream above and right away in the comments I see someone talking their other account being "ogEvanAlmighty". 

What's funny about this to me is that last night I tried watching that movie but fell asleep. I noticed a few things right away in the film, but wanted to finish the movie before making a post on it. I even texted Sam about it. So just funny that right away I see a comment involving Evan Almighty. 

What I noticed in the first few minutes of the movie is yet again what I have been explaining for a long time now. Notice how God communicates with Evan through the number 614 and also wordplay(theme). The clock that has GEN goes off at 6:14 even though he sets it at 7. Then he gets a delivery to the wrong address of 614 although his is the reflection of 416. Then he's going to call the company 1-800-Go-4-Wood and he sees a Genesis 6:14 sign on the TV. He looks at Genesis 6:14 and it tells of Noah and the Ark with Gopher Wood. 

Also the movie has John Goodman as the "bad" guy. He's the guy trying to get Evan to go along with his "bill" and is essentially the reason for the Flood that happens at the end. 
Just interesting because I know John Goodman is important to much of the stuff I document. He was Fred Flintstone and King Ralph that was super connected to the deaths of my grandma and Uncle Barney. He's also on The Conners/Roseanne....I also recently had the synchronicity with the Westroads Mall shooting and "Cloverfield" film. He's in the 2nd film called "10 Cloverfield Lane". Goodman is also in the film "Babe" in which he is Babe Ruth. Think about that in regards to the Indians and Red Sox...Ruth dying on 8/16...1948....Think about the MM JAM stuff with that date of 8/16 too..Elvis, Aretha Franklin,Madonna and many others connected to that date. 
Think about how John Goodman was also in the Blues Brothers 2000 too. Aretha Franklin and Matt Murphy both dying this year..
He's in a lot of interesting movies....Coyote Ugly stands out to me for some reason, but I have no idea. I just feel like it's got something important in it with him...possibly because the only time I've ever been to a Coyote Ugly was in Chicago years back...thinking of the Blues Brothers/Roseanne stuff...

I wish I knew more about 614....I know it's Trump's bday...6/14 and Flag day....
In the film we find out Evan's bday is 6/15 and the flood was mid day on 9/22.

So it happened 100 days after his bday on the day that leaves 100 days in the year. 
3 months 8 days....


  1. Ha! I just commented on your last post about Zach's live stream, and now you're talking about it here. It's also funny because the person who was calling me "Jam" was talking to me about John Goodman.

  2. Haven't been able to keep up much on your work lately, good stuff tho. 614 is the area code for Columbus Ohio and was assigned in 1947... Ohio=47
    Also interesting how Trump began his campaign in Ohio and has this 614 connection.

  3. John Goodman is also in monsters Inc, it's ridiculous how it was released right after 911 and then you have the character Randall who's "revolutionizing" the fear industry.