Monday, September 25, 2017

The past few days-The Death of my Grandma(9/24) in connection to the death of my neighbor and Uncle-North Korea-9/11

The past few days have been pretty crazy. Last night my best friend snapchatted me a video of him with a ton of one hundred dollar bills. He later asked me If I wanted to go to the strip club in Denison, Iowa and he'd pay and what not. I figured well why not, it's an excuse to get out of the house. It's honestly a joke of a strip club and more of a bar, it's hard to explain but I used to go there more for cheap beer than anything else. We make fun of this place all the time too as the girls are usually not even hot. We even took my 17 year old cousin there years ago and he got a lap dance with Quarters. 
Anyway I picked him and a few other people I know(girls too) up in Dow City, Iowa and we went there. There was also a big BBQ Festival going on that I was unaware of. They had a band playing in the street just up the hill from Book Em' Dano's(strip club) for this BBQ Festival.

So anyway we go inside Book Em's and I see all kinds of people I know there and basically just sat down with a different group most of the night. The reason I find it so crazy is because I also saw and talked to a girl I just talked about on this blog. twins-conversations-at-work-today-also.html It's my bosses cousin who has a mom that is a Twin and she has Twins of her own. Last night she even showed me a picture of her kids as I haven't seen her in a long time. I just thought that was crazy enough to document, yet again something I talk about comes up in my life and even involves the Twin Theme I've been mentioning. 

Before going to Book Em's a bunch of other stuff was going on. I drove up to the store and noticed there were a bunch of cars at my grandma's house. She lives right behind me, basically just across the alley from my back yard. She's been in pretty bad shape for a while, but last night she got really bad. I stopped over and a bunch of my relatives were there and just got there. While sitting there I got on Facebook and noticed someone I know was looking for anyone with a nursing cat. They found abandoned kittens and were hoping another mama cat would nurse them. Oddly enough my cat just had kittens a week ago and I felt obligated to tell her. It's just weird to me that my cat just had kittens and then I see someone needing a nursing cat on Facebook. She ended up bringing them over this morning around 9:30am and they were super weak. I got them to latch on to my cat for a bit, but they ended up dying. 

I also found out my grandma died this morning around 8am, so it's just been a strange day. I didn't really think she would die today as the nurse has been saying she would die for months and then the next day she would be better. Of course today is a perfect day for her to die as her name gematria is 238 and she died 238 days before her bday. Unless I'm spelling her full name wrong. I'll post more when I find out for sure. 
What I find for strange though is some syncs she has to my neighbor who just died on 7/30/17. She lives just behind his house as well.
Death of my Neighbor-North Korea stuff

My Grandma died 56 days after our neighbor "Bump" died. Their bdays also 56 days apart. 
Possibly a stretch but a lot of people called my grandma...Grandma Ellie. 
Grandma Ellie=56
Both born in 34'. My grandma died 34 weeks exactly before her bday. 
Thirty Four=56(rev red) 

Notice also it's 1 month 25 days in both things. 
North Korea=125(I talked about this in link above)
Korean War=56(rev red)
Society of Jesus=56
56 that special number in regards to terrorist type things...
Adolf Hitler=56=Isis=Saddam Hussein=Osama Bin Laden
and so on. 

Bump's bday was 125 days before the 64th anniversary of the Korean War Ending. 

I'm still wondering if we are going to get a big Korea story possibly another Korean War on the Jesuit Anniversary this year. Seems to me I'm being shown this by my surroundings. I've shown a lot of connections to the Jesuits and North Korea regardless. I remember hearing stories when I was a kid of my Grandma's husband being in the Korean War too. 

My grandma's bday also 2 months 11 days before Bump died on the 211th day of the year. 
He died at "Hillcrest Rehab Cottage"=211
Possibly nothing either, but the only history I really know of my Grandma's family is that she is from "Chattanooga, Tennessee"=211 and 911(satanic)
Just posted this as I saw 911 too...

Bump and my Grandma both die 128 days after their bdays. 
Bump died 1 month 28 days before the Jesuit Anniversary. His funeral was on 12/8(August 12th)
 In regards to this, I'm interested that my mom's bday is 128 days after today(9/24). 

My Grandma dies 1 month 28 days after the 64th anniversary of the Korean War ending. 
Kim II Sung=128(reverse)..leader of NK when war started. 

Interesting I also mentioned 12/8 in Anonymous showing Zach's blog at 12:08 in their video about North Korea. 

The Jesuit anniversary is 2 months 11 days before 12/8. 

Ellie Murphy=63(grandma)
The Father/Jesuit/Priest stuff I mentioned was super connected to 63....Bump's bday was 6 months 3 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

North Korean Missile=261(reverse)

My mom also won $2,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket on 9/23 too. Just been a weird few days. 

Another thing I find really interesting is that my grandma just died 1,440 days after her first child(my uncle Kelly) died. 
Kelly Charles Murphy=1440(Jewish)
 Also it's 3 years 11 months 9 days 
WTC bombing on 2/26/93 was 3,119 days before 9/11/2001. 
The WTC's proposed on 3/11..1961...
They had the 33 day Tribute in light begining on 3/11/2002. 

3119 the 444th prime...
Jesus=444=Masonic=Cross and so on..
This year is 33 years after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits. 
9/11 happened 33 years after the WTC's construction began. 

She also died 318 days after my 34th bday. 
Remember Uncle Barney's bday was 3 months 18 days before mine. This number all over the death of Barney Connections. 
The "God" number according to Touch. 
The New Testament mentions the 2nd coming of Jesus 318 times. 
The only mention of the number 318 in the Bible is Genesis 14:14 which talks about the 318 soldiers that pursue as far as DAN. 
This also means her bday is 191 days(end date) after mine. 
Society of Jesus=191
My Uncle Barney died 191 days before his bday. 
Bernard Alan Murphy=191

Barney died 125 days before my Grandma's bday. 
North Korea=125 and so on.. 
Remember 3/18 was 63 days after Barney died too. 
Barney's bday 7/23 is 63 days before 9/24. 
He died age 63. 
A bunch more 63 I don't remember it all, have to search the blog. 
Barney died 8 months 11 days(end date) before my Grandma on 14/1. 
811 is the 141st prime number. 
World War III=141

Also just typed it in but....
Tri city BBQ=125
Denison, Iowa=56, 128 als 513(Satanic)
Baby Kittens=128 and 513(satanic)..what we've been calling them although you don't really need "baby" in front of it. 

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