Thursday, October 11, 2018

Screencast won't load download the video I made last night to my Desktop

I made an almost hour long video last night in regards to the Indians losing and a bunch of synchronicity I've had recently...but stupid screencast won't let me save the video to my computer. It always gets to 64 percent and then freezes my whole computer up. I've tried it a bunch of different times. Just documenting it as this is the 2nd time recently that this has happened. 
I really don't want to remake the video either as it was hard enough to explain the first time. I should just do Youtube livestreams, but I talk about so many things being interrelated that I like to use Screencast so I can gather my thoughts and pause when I need to in order to shorten the video. 
Oh well, I just have a feeling that it's stopping at 64 percent for a reason. 
Haha seriously I just typed in Screencast because that's what I always call it..even though it's screencast o matic...
Screencast=417(Jewish) and 64(rev red). 
The video I made was all about 417 and Rocky Colavito...also "Jim Carrey"=417   so how funny. 

If I can ever figure out how to get it to go on my computer, I will upload it...otherwise I'm just moving on and I'll try to add pieces of what I talked about in a different video. 

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