Thursday, October 4, 2018

Synchronicity with Cats and Family Guy this Afternoon-Holy Grail of Whiskey Sells for Record Sum

I just got on the internet today and went to Facebook and saw all the people posting about the presidential alert. I honestly never got anything on my phone and neither did my girlfriend, so I was going to find an article on it and just document how it didn't come to my phone. 

I go to Yahoo and the first article is about Whiskey. Just funny as last night I documented so much about BEER. 
This comes on the day that leaves 89 days in the year. 

Funny it says the Whiskey was auctioned at Bonham's and all day I've been texting my coworker with the last name Bonham. I'm trying to get tonight off so I can go to band practice. I usually don't work nights but someone quit and the schedule is messed up because of it. 

I started this post this afternoon but I didn't have time to finish it before I left for work...but Family Guy synchronicity with a CAT happened to me yet again too. It was right around 1:30pm. We ordered from the Dairy Sweet and sat down and started eating. I looked up at the TV for the first time all day and of course Family Guy mentions something about a CAT right as I look at the TV. 
It was Season 8 episode episode 21 or the 147th episode. 

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