Friday, June 22, 2018

Death of LEON White aka Wrestler named VADER-Bruce Almighty-Field of Dreams

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and I saw someone posted this....I guess "Vader" LEON White the Wrestler died on 6/18. 

Now how interesting on 6/18 at 1:42am I posted there was something to do with "LEON" and I also mentioned James Earl Jones being the voice of Darth VADER. I actually started this post on June 14th, but I kept falling asleep and hoped to finish the movie before the post. I finally just said screw it as I was just not into the film and didn't want to keep watching it(Fisher King). The whole reason I wanted to watch the film was because of the death of Carrie Fisher(Princess Leia). 
So crazy this guy has a real name "Leon" and a wrestling name "Vader". 
I even took a screenshot of what I wrote to show the date because I had a feeling that something with LEON would come up before I posted my post on it lol. 

Vader=510(rev sum)

It's interesting he had a wife named "Grace Connelly" too. 
Grace Connelly is Bruce Almighty's girlfriends name as well. 
LEON WHITE.....WHITE LION...White Jesus....

It's also interesting his initials are LAW. 

Even more interesting that "Bruce Almighty" came out on May 14th 2003 which was Vader's 48th bday. 
Leon White=48
Remember Israel declared it's independence on May 14th in the year 48'. 
James Earl Jones=48
James Jones=48
Jim Carrey=48
James Earl Jones and Jim Carrey both born on 1/17. 
Field of Dreams=117
Buffalo Bills=117(see below)
Remember Field of Dreams important to the 1989 Earthquake World series...
Vader dies after Wrestlemania 34 that was on 4/8. 
Leon Allen White=223(reverse)
48th prime is 223. 
This also sticks out to me in regards to Morgan Freeman recently being in the news for sexual harassment. 

Another thing that sticks out to me is that Vader played football for the University of Colorado which are the Buffaloes....
A LEON I mentioned was the guy who assassinated William McKinley in BUFFALO at the World Fair...
Jeff LEON Bridges was important to the Big Lebowski and the year 1991....King Ralph in 91.....91 the year the Buffalo Bills made their first super bowl that was played in 91'. 
Also a thing I talked about with "William Mckinley"=72 and a bunch of other 72's such as Trump/Bush/Clinton all turning 72 this year. 
Also the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile thing synced to Obama's trip William McKinley HS in Baton Rouge after his final state of the union....
A big thing with Kevin Costner stemmed back to Yellowsmoke the Indian that the town I live in killed. Yellowsmoke park is in between Denison, Iowa(where Costner's character on the film JFK was born) and Vail, Iowa.  Then we had the death of former Iowa/Bills football player Kyle Calloway in Vail Arizona. Brandon Scherff the Redskins/Iowa player also from Denison. 
Vader dies age 63
Field of Dreams=63
Sixty Three=117

I went and re looked at James Earl Jones. I see that his wife died just before the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. All summer in 2016 I kept saying how Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner were important to the Indians being in the World Series. Then we got the death of W.P. Kinsella who wrote the book that Field of Dreams was based on. He died on 9/16/16. I didn't realized James Earl Jones Wife had died as well. 
His wife born in 48'. 
48 was really important to 2016 stuff....
The closest Super Moon since the year 48' on Prince Charles bday.
Charles born in 48'
Indians hadn't won a WS since 48'. 
Donald Trump=48=Wall
It was the biggest election upset since the year 48'. 

Anyway something else is interesting about this... I re-looked up W.P. Kinsella and I see he died in a town called "HOPE". 
This sticks out because a big thing I documented about XXXTentacion was his song about Stoneman Douglas called "HOPE"....I talked about Obama being the Lion King and James Earl Jones being Mufassa.....Remember Obama ran on "HOPE".
The first Star Wars film is called "A new HOPE".  

Now I see James Earl Jones also really known for being in" The Great White HOPE". 

Look what "The Great White Hope" is about.....It's about the true story of Jack Johnson and his first wife....
Jack  Johnson the boxer that Trump just posthumously pardoned lol. 
Jack Johnson=48
I can't help but think of "Hot Tub Time Machine" in regards to the Buffalo stuff above....
Great White Buffalo....
I just watched the 2nd film not that long ago is another reason it sticks out. 
All of this might seem crazy to someone new, but it's crazy how I even noticed something with "LEON" and mentioned a connection to Darth Vader to begin with. 
He dies 18/6...

Big Van Vader=51

Vader dies 35 days after his bday and 71 days after WM 34...
Catholic=35, 71
JFK the 35th and only Catholic president...
Jackie Kennedy=117....JFK died 117 days after her bday...
117 was really important to my son who was born on 1/ grandma's death...
Lot's more 117 I've documented this year

Vader also played in Super Bowl XIV...
I'm only documenting as the score was interesting to recent things I've documented. 
1931 the year Herbert Hoover signed the Star Spangled Banner into Congress as the National Anthem. He's the only president from "Iowa"=48
Also the score was 31-19....
Remember the 93' WTC bombings were 3119 days before 9/11/2001.  WTC proposed on 3/11 and destroyed on 9/11. 
Of course "Steelers"=31 and they won with 31 points but yeah...


  1. WWE Money in the Bank in Chicago
    Aj Styles (111)
    Leon White (111)
    Shinsuke Nakamura (102)
    Valentine (102)
    Low blow (102) Nakamura lost by low blow.
    Allen Jones (107)
    Allen (17) MITB (17) kill (107)
    Leon (17)
    Leon (Allen) White born on 14/5
    Chicago Illinois 145
    Margory Stoneman D. Died on 14/5
    If you type Big Van Vader Leon White it sums to (216) also (108) rev red
    Pneumonia (108) caused his death
    Margory lived to be (108)
    At MITB Alexa Bliss (67) won and beat up Ronda Rousey. Nikolas Cruz (67) Chris Benoit (67) Sacrificed (67). The wrestler Earthquake(107 died on June 7 or 6/7
    John Tenta (107)
    They said Alexa Bliss "cashed in" 63 rev red
    Leon White died age 63. In 1999 WWE did a ppv called St Valentines day Massacre were Big Show debuted as Paul Wight.(Leon White) They also had a last man standing match on that ppv and those are rare. Owen Hart died soon after that Over the Edge. All this stuff is ritual and it amazes me how they do it

  2. I just followed to become number 108. What is going on i was just talking about 108 and Margory SD and pneumonia 108. Wow.smh

  3. WOW! Dan I just did a post on Zach's blog about Osiris the Egypt God of the Underworld/Afterlife. How America is Egypt, Sodom And Gomorrah and Babylon. In Egypt they worship the dead (Walking Dead/Zombie/Mummy Movies).
    Osiris is described as having GREEN skin. So I thought of a parallel with Melania Trump's GREEN Jacket(I Don't Care) and the GREEN Jacket at the 82nd Master's. Patrick Reed won this year's GREEN Jacket and Reed is from TEXAS. Trump pardoned the Boxer Jack Johnson(Galveston TEXAS) "POSTHUMOUSLY". Horus(Eye Of Horus) is described as being the "POSTHUMOUSLY" begotten SON of Osiris.
    "Eye Of Horus"=271(271/721)
    "James Earl Jones"=721
    "One Eye Symbolism"=721
    "721" or 7/21 and July 21st is the 202nd day of the year, leaving "163" days remaining.
    "Jesuit Orders"=163(Eng. Ordinal)
    July 21st is the birthday of Comedian "Robin Williams"
    The Actor JOHN Heard(The Pelican Brief) died on July 21, 2017 from a Heart Attack(Age 71)
    Football Player Dennis EARL GREEN died on July 21, 2016 from Cardiac Arrest(Age 67)
    "Egyptian God Osiris"=807(87)
    James Earl Jones is "87" years old.

  4. Interesting that Vader died on 18/6, George H. W. Bush=186, 138 and 51. Donald Trump=138. I can also definitely see little Georgie Jr. still playing with Star Wars toys. Also Vader dies the same time that Trump and the media are saying "Star Force".