Monday, November 6, 2017

Thoughts on the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting-Kiefer/Donald Sutherland-JFK-Pope Francis

8 people found dead in Tractor Trailer at San Antonio Walmart
I'm just thinking about the shooting today in San Antonio and how we just got the shooting at the Walmart in Thornton, Colorado....
Remember the story of the mexicans dying inside the trailer at Walmart in San Antonio? The Trailer came from Schaller, Iowa too. Schaller is about an hour from where I live. It's also very close to where my Uncle Barney got in a car accident just before he died. 
San Antonio, Texas=88, 191
Society of Jesus=191
First Baptist Church=220, 266(reverse)
Mass Church Shooting=220, 266(reverse)
Remember Pope Francis is the 266th Pope and the Jesuits were founded with the 220th Pope. 
Pope Francis' 80th bday is 80 days or 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary this year. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Southerland Springs=80, 224
The Society of Jesus=224
Eighty=88(rev red)

These stories come 3 months 13 days apart. 
Trump's bday is 3 months 13 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 

Also in regards to the call I got on 11/2 from San Antonio. 11/2 was also the day that the Big Bang Theory episode with Wil Wheaton aired. Think about the name of this town and the Church....SUTHERLAND, Springs?  I just mentioned that the film Stand by Me might be important because of Kiefer Sutherland and the TV Show Touch.....Also his father DONALD....
Donald Sutherland in the JFK film.....
Remember the character Kevin Costner portrays in the film is Jim Garrison....Garrison born in Denison, Iowa which is 19 miles from where I live. I've documented a bunch of this before with the Native American theme in 2016. 

Funny how I  mentioned the significance to Donald Trump and the JFK files to 11/5(the day of this shooting) too. 

Kiefer makes me think about the new Flatliners film as well, as he starred in the original version. 
Also Donald Sutherland I really remember from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
Think about the show "Touch" as well....26 episodes all about the God Sequence....."God"=26....26 letters in the alphabet.....Now a 26 year old that kills 26 people in Sutherland Springs?
Twenty Six Year Old=85(rev red)
Devin Patrick Kelley=85
First Baptist Church=85
Mass Church Shooting=85 Donald Sutherland is also "X" in the JFK movie. 
Of course Kiefer in the show "24" that just had a spinoff come out on the same day as Super Bowl 51. 
Remember the former(black) president (Dennis Haysbert) is assassinated in the original show as well. 

Corey Hawkins plays the main character in the spinoff series. 

I only find this interesting as people keep asking me about this show called "Stranger Things". I just looked it up and it's set in HAWKINS, Indiana.....
Reminds me of the film Cloverfield and the Omaha Westroads Mall shooting both involving Robert Hawkins and happening 44 days apart. 
Think about the cover of the film "Cloverfield" as well. It has the statue of Liberty on it....something that has recently been documented about in regards to Wendy Williams....
Go Back and read my posts search "westroads", I mentioned a bunch about how it seemingly synced up to Obama possibly dying.
The guy who plays Robert Hawkins the film Cloverfield even portrays Robert Kennedy in the film LBJ I mentioned. 

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  1. The Texas church shooting took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
    Sutherland Springs, Tex. U.S. = 313

    313 is the 65th prime number.

    Henry Cuellar is the U.S Representative for Texas's 28th congressional district.

    From Henry Cuellar's birthday (9/19/17) to the day of the Texas church shooting (11/5/17) is a span of 6 weeks and 5 days, like 65.

    Frank Pomeroy (the pastor) = 65
    Christianity = 65
    Philadelphia = 65
    Society of Jesus = 65