Sunday, May 5, 2019

Synchronicity with Nelson Mandela Elementary yesterday..Also "TITUS" and the destruction of the 2nd Temple-Flavien Prat wins Derby on Country House-Flavian Dynasty destroyed 2nd Temple-Mount Vesuvius

I talked about the synchronicity of last night looking at my phone to see who won the Kentucky Derby on my way to my band gig in Omaha. 
I didn't tell the whole story on that drive. So while on 30th street the first sign I actually paid attention to and read was "Titus Ave"...I was waiting for the Kentucky Derby winner to load on my phone at this time. I thought it was funny about "Titus" because at work earlier in the day we were talking about what to name my upcoming son. I told the ladies at work that my girlfriend made a list of a bunch of names I didn't like. I focused on the name "Titus" as it just doesn't have a ring to me whatsoever.. so when seeing this sign I laughed a bit, but didn't think much of it. Then my phone loaded and I saw Flavien Prat won on Country House and I had previously noticed he was the original jockey for Omaha Beach before Mike Smith. He even had the bday of 8/4 and Smith's is 8/10....both of these dates I was talking about with the Nascar stuff(Xfinity)....the reason it's even more funny is that I see the road before Nelson Mandela Elementary is "Redick Ave"....remember Tyler Reddick was important to the Xfinity Narrative...

So I figured Flavien Prat is of course from FRANCE which is important to August 10th this year and so on...Omaha Beach at Normandy, France....yada yada yada. 
I wondered what his name meant...
Flavien comes from the Latin "Flavian" and means "Yellow Hair" or "Golden"..
I then looked up the Flavian Dynasty to find out that the military leader and future ruler "TITUS" of the Flavian Dynasty was who destroyed the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. I mean just crazy...think about how August 10th/11th are coded to the 3rd Temple and so on..

All of this makes even more sense now as to why Country House's trainer was also the trainer of the horse "Tacitus". 

Tacitus in history was a historian and senator of the Roman Empire during the time of the Flavian Dynasty. 
Notice he was born to an Equestrian family as well. 
Tacitus said he owes his rank to the Flavian Dynasty as well. 

Flavian=310(satanic) and 65, 124
Flavien Prat=65, 124
65 to 1 odds on Country House. 
The Florida plane skids off the runway(Maximum Security). Think about that with the Wall symbolism as well..
Florida=65, 124
The Kentucky Derby on the 124th day of the year. 

Think about August as well that is named in honor of the founder of the Roman Empire (Augustus) who was born on 9/23 which is important to Pope FRANCIS. 

It's also interesting that during Titus' rule there was the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius...just interesting in regards to the Earthquake symbolism/ a major eruption coming up? We did recently have the Hawaii volcano erupt....
Also in regards to the CHEERS stuff in connection to Jeopardy..I'm almost positive when Gloria goes on the show one of the answers is "Mount Vesuvius". She actually says, "What is Mount Suvius" and they have to go to the judges and they give it to her. So it even stands out on the show. 

It could possibly have something to do with the "Arc de Triomphe" in France as well that is inspired by the Arch of Titus in Rome. 

Also Flavian meaning "golden/yellow hair" makes me think of the Nazi's..blonde eye and the Yellow Vest movement. 


  1. Great post, Dan. Following your thread of connections, I, too, got the Yellow Vest movement connection. Continuing in thought that Omaha Beach was pulled out of the race, and it has a connection to France, what is the message?

  2. Matt, you are lifting the veil