Monday, May 20, 2019

Strange day of events-Trolls and my Slipknot video-France-Text about Trump-Student Loans from Des Moines

 I think it's funny that yesterday morning I uploaded a video talking about the Big Bang Theory and Slipknot on 5/16. In the video I talked about how the 310 stuff is synced up to a TROLL theme and my Corey Taylor video was the most Trolled video I've ever had. 
Later last night/early this morning I made another video about the death of Shawn Crahan's daughter. I honestly didn't think I'd get much of a response as my videos usually don't get a lot of views no matter the topic it seems. 

This video though has a ton of Trolled messages on it, more than usual, so I find it hilarious. If these are not Trolls, then literally "All Hope is Gone". I don't see how anyone could dismiss what I showed in that video, especially considering Slipknot has a song about "Gematria" and Duality. 

So just documenting this as I'm sure there is a reason for it. 

Also I just talked about the 515 area code being Des Moines and so on...Just a few hours ago we were sitting her and someone knocked at the door. Apparently I'm being taken to court over a $4,500 student loan from 2003? I know I haven't paid this, but it's been 16 years so it seems odd to me, they are just now taking action about it. Unless they see I am trying to buy a house and think I can pay it now? It's confusing to me. It is interesting however that it comes from Des Moines, Iowa though, especially a day after I make a Slipknot video that gets trolled like crazy. 

I also got this text message today at 2:39 which I thought was funny. Remember how Trump weighs 239 pounds and all the Flag stuff synced to 239 with Trump. 
52nd prime is 239
White House=52

Also today a girl I've been training told me her last name today. Of course her last name is "FRENCH", like France...Her name equals 222 like how August 10th is the 222nd day too. 


  1. Funny how 515 is shared between Pope John Paul l and ll. The sister who laid out l's coffee said that at 5:15 a.m. she noted he had not touched his coffee, and so she went to his bedroom and found him dead. ll was elected pope at 5:15 p.m. a month after l died.

  2. Iowa= i owe, Des Monies = de-mon
    i owe demon...
    I owe = 55 J ordinal
    demon = 51 EO
    Iowa =51 J ordinal
    Des Moines = 155 FBacon

    like baseball riddle with Jake Butt playin tight end, or media riddle with weinman, bonner, crunch etc


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