Monday, May 27, 2019

Lyon France explosion on 1/17-Illuminati-Freemasonry-Jesuits-624 and August 10th

Ha, how great is that? Since I finally have a free night of no DJ or band gigs, I figured I'd listen to the recent Gematria Effect. I see Zach made a video about the LYON, France attack and the connection to the Illuminati. It's just funny as I blogged how there is something really important to the Illuminati with France/Kanye/Drake/Raptors/310/Buffy and so on...I had no idea Zach made a video about the Illuminati with the Lyon story. 
I also had no idea there was an explosion at a university in Lyon on 1/17/19. 
Remember 117 is the big number that was connected to the Bridge symbolism. Also remember that date was important to the birth of my son in connection to the number 624. 
1/17 is 6 months 24 days before August 10th which is Rocky Colavito's bday. 
Rocky Colavito=624 and so on...
6/24 is also 6 months 24 days before 1/17. 
My Grandma died 6 months 24 days before my uncle Clancy and 8 months 10 days after my Uncle Barney. 
Clancy died 6 months 24 days after my birthday...

624 important to "King Charles"=624...
6/24 the day modern Freemasonry was founded in 1717..
6/24 was also important to Pope FRANCis. 
Think how Freemasonry and the Illuminati have a connection...

These 2 explosion were 4 months 7 days apart...
6/24 to 8/10 is 47 days...also 1 month 17 days...
I wonder if this is why Buffy is important to July 31st? 31/7? 
Remember 317 was an important number to the Simpsons episode that said Freemasons Run the Country. 

It's also interesting in regards to Francis Bacon Gematria...
Johann Adam Weishaupt=281(Francis Bacon)
The Illuminati established 281 days after his bday...also 9 months 5 days...

I wonder about the "Pi" connections to as May 1st is the 121st day and July 31st is the 212th day.....both have the 12 and 21 in them that was important to Sheldon..

Random but I see that "Catholic Church"=262(Franc Baconis)

Weishaupt also had the bday of 2/6 which reminds us of Queen Elizabeth II and Charles II. 


  1. Funny how accidentally, I discovered a link between my older son and Andrew Jackson.