Friday, May 17, 2019

Donald Sutherland in Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Sutherland Springs Shooting in connection to the Big Bang Theory/Marilyn Manson/Stand By Me-Star Wars and the HOPE Theme-Lion

Remember a long time ago the film Stand By Me was super important in connection to the Marilyn Manson/Charles Manson stuff...also to the Big Bang Theory as Wil Wheaton was on the show for the first time in over a season. Then we got the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting, the same day Marilyn Manson made his comeback after his injury. In my post I even mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Donald SUTHERLAND, portrayed Merrick in the film. Then later we found out Jerry O'Connell(stand by me) was portraying Sheldon's brother on the Big Bang Theory....
I'm just pointing out that 2 years ago the Big Bang Theory had this connection to Buffy, but I wasn't sure the point. 

So now Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a running joke on the finale of the Big Bang Theory....What are the odds that I randomly posted this video on Facebook the other day about Marilyn Manson too? I didn't even see this connection until last night haha. I only posted this video because it's so blatantly easy to understand this code is understood by Marilyn Manson. I thought others I know might get a spark in their brain from it. Of course no one other than my "conspiracy" friends liked it, but worth a shot lol. 

Donald Sutherland=224(FB) and 518(Rev Franc Baconis)
2/24 the day that leaves 310 days in the year...connected to Troll Hunters and the Peer Gynt Song/Lost Boys...

Another interesting thing is that my recent Big Bang information involved a lot to do with the TV Show Cheers. Remember I was at the bar called "Cheers" and the first Facebook post that came up was of "Clay Matthews". Just behind me on the wall was a picture picture of Clay Matthews...
Clay Matthews=150
Green Bay Packers=150
Dow City Iowa=150
I'm Djing for their 150th anniversary of being a town on 5/25. 
The reason I know this is important is because of the synchronicity with "Hope" yesterday. The lady Hope was texting me about the 150th celebration...
Also the number 310 is important to the LION symbolism. 
If you go back to my post about the wrestler named "Vader"(real named Leon/lion), I mentioned a HOPE theme. James Earl Jones in "The Great White Hope"...he was the LION King before Simba...Also he is Darth Vader in the Star Wars films that begin with "A New HOPE". Further yet the film "Field of Dreams" stuff in 2016 happened just around the time of the Chelsea Bombing...W.P. Kinsella died in HOPE, British Columbia. 
Also Wil Wheaton was supposed to marry Amy/Sheldon but it ended up being "Luke Skywalker" instead. 

Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope=310
Would you look at that...Just look at it...
A New Hope=42
May 25th will be the 42nd anniversary of the film coming out....May 25th also the same day I am djing in Dow City for their 150th. 
Think how Chewbacca just died as well....
Peter Mayhew=276(Franc Baconis) and 314(rev Franc B)
Remember The Big Bang Theory surpassed Cheers with 276 episodes and it was all about "pi..or 314). 
The Big Bang Theory=328(Franc Baconis)...the story came out on 3/28. 
Also interesting that Episodes 1 to 6 of Star Wars came out in May...Solo released on 5/25....Return of the Jedi on 5/25 as well...Attack of the Clones on 5/16(worst film in my opinion). Phanton Menace and Revenge of the Sith on 5/19...

Marilyn Manson connected to the Stoneman Douglas Shooting....Vader(wrestler) died the same day XXXTentacion died. XXX had the song he wrote for Stoneman Douglas called "Hope". 
Also Obama running on HOPE and he said he was the Lion King. 
The stuff with Keifer Sutherland was connected to Obama being assassinated when he was out of office too. 

Also the Iowa State Fair being important is interesting as the the World Fairs have a history of starting because of France, althought London had the first World Fair and France the 2nd, and remember William McKinley was assassinated at the World Fair in Buffalo by a guy named LEON(LION). The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World Fair in France too. 

The Hope stuff also connected to the Pedestrian Bridge shooting on Thursday. 
Pedestrian Bridge=310(Franc Baconis) and 276(reverse)
Also interesting "Pedestrian Bridge"=156  and number important to 9/11 and notice it's named after Bob Kerrey...the guy who admitted that 9/11 was a 30 conspiracy...although that video was obviously placed in front of us on purpose. 
Notice Bob Kerrey's bday is the day Haile Selassie died as well..think about the LION stuff yet again. 

Joseph Robert Kerrey=311(FB)
Notice this shooting 3 months 11 days before his bday. 
Once again showing that Francis Bacon/Baconis ciphers are important right now. 

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  1. 1. Bob Hope/Bob Kerry. Okay.
    2. Bridges and more bridges and more. Not a day goes by now without a bridge story. Isaac Kappy jumped off a bridge. Yeah, right! There have been numerous other stories, in fact, one a day this month. We can't get enough bridge stories this year, can we?
    3. Cheers. . . speaking of. . . at the checkout yesterday, a magazine pictured Rhea Pearlman on the cover talking about something even at her age she is able to lose weight and the older you are the better, and it gave her birthday something 1944 (which stood out to me because that is the same year as my father-in-law which year is the Chinese Year of the Monkey--the tiger's nemesis, supposedly (but I haven't found that true in my life)).