Sunday, May 5, 2019

Country House wins Kentucky Derby at Maximum Security DQ the same day of a Plane Crash from Guantanamo Bay-Mandela Effect/Nelson Mandela

There are so many things I can say about today haha. I haven't had any time to document things, but a lot has been going on...
I was saying because of my Jeopardy posts that I think they are going to Flip the Script because of the Mandela stuff. Omaha Beaches trainer is Richard Mandella and so on..
Now today Omaha Beach's original Jockey "Flavien Prat" wins the Kentucky Derby on "Country House". 
Today is 92 days before Flavien Prat's bday...
The Horse that got Dqed was "Maximum Security"=92...

Have to love how we got a story of a plane from Guantanamo Bay crashed in Florida today as well...The same day Maximum Security gets disqualified haha...think about it..

There is a bunch more I want to type, but I just got home from my gig and I'm exhausted.....
Best part about tonight though was on my way to OMAHA I missed my exit and instead had to go down 30th street to get to where I was going. At this time I checked my phone to see who won the Kentucky Derby and noticed it was Flavien Prat who was the original jockey of Omaha Beach. I was laughing about it and looked up to see a sign that said. Nelson Mandela Elementary School. 
Of course "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela"=225...he died 225 days before his bday.
Today is 2 months 25 days before Bill Mott(Country House" trainer's bday. 
Also 9 months 5 days after his bday. 
Nelson Mandela died age 95...
Mandela Effect=95

I doubt it's a coincidence that Kal Penn was a main character in the plot of the Big Bang Theory on 5/2 either. He's in Harold and Kumar(Guatanamo Bay)....Remember Penny synced up to the Horse Race. 

Flavien Prat=65.....65-1 Odds. 
Country House=58..foaled on 5/8. 

I'll add more tomorrow but really need sleep. 


  1. May 9th is real interesting like a 9/5. It's 218 days after the 2:18pm presidential alert and 911 days after Trump's victory speech on 9/11