Sunday, May 19, 2019

A lot of what I'm documenting is connected to "Pi"-Leonard Nimoy's death on 2/27-810-Halloween-More Slipknot connections to 810-Robert Pattinson New BATMAN-Kanye's 4th Child

I am trying to gather my thoughts to make a video about all of this ongoing The Big Bang Theory stuff. I noticed that it all goes back to "Pi"...
Three Point One Four=328
The Big Bang Theory=328
Young Sheldon=328
Stephen William Hawking=328
The story of surpassing Cheers came on 328..
Justify was foaled on 3/28 which is why Penny was important to Omaha Beach this year and getting injured on the horse after Justify won. 

I mentioned how it's important to the number 166 and the Pig year in regards to August 10th/11th...
The Big Bang Theory=166
Seventy Three=166

I started thinking how FRANCE is really important to August 10th and the number 227....What do we know about 227? 

I then remembered that Leonard Nimoy whom Sheldon Cooper worships on the Big Bang Theory died on 2/27 a few years back. 
Notice what his name in satanic Gematria is..
Leonard Simon Nimoy=810(satanic)
He also died age 83 which could be important to Ethiopia and "Haile Selassie"=83, 227

There is probably something important to Star Trek with all of this as well considering Wil Wheaton....
I see "William Shatner"=88 and he's currently 88 years old..

A lot of the Stand By Me stuff was connected to Halloween, which we've pointed out is important before. Also all of the stuff in connection to August 10th and Montagraph/Pig Year makes me think about my computer crashing on Halloween last year in connection to "Pi". 
11 was the big number I talked about after my computer crash. 

Plus all the 310 stuff. 
August Tenth=310
Three Hundred Ten=314

Interesting too if you go from 3/28 to Halloween it's 7 months 3 days...the 73..
Seventy Three=314

There has to be something more important to PI that I don't is the 16th letter of the Greek Alphabet with a value of 80...
It makes me think that "Satan"=80 but that's about it. 
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
My birthday is the 314th day of the year. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
It's also interesting that I'm 36 years old...
The 36th triangular being 666. 

Oddly enough the 314th day is 3 months 10 days before the day that leaves 314 days in the year too. 

I've said I wonder if there is going to be some type of big revelation with this study after August 10th/11th like in 2017 with Reverse Gematria/Flipping....I wonder if It's something important to "Pi". 

Alex Trebek also born on 22/7. 

Also think about the Slipknot connection...
Paul Dedrick Gray=328
Joey Jordison=328..fired in 2013 original member. 

August 10th comes 3 months 28 days before Corey Taylor's bday. The bday he mentions in the song "Gematria: The Killing Name". 12...8...."73" that was all I got and now it got me. 

Corey Taylor got inspiration for the masks and horror themes from the trailer of Halloween as a kid? 

Chris Fehn filed a lawsuit against Slipknot on PI Day before splitting with the band because of it. 

I was just looking at the "All HOPE is gone" album again. Notice that it went Certified Platinum on 8/10/ the same year Paul Gray died. 
Notice the Album is 57:57 in length....
This sticks out because "Iowa State Fair"=57
August 10th is 57 days after Trump's bday. 
Helicopter=57(Trump/Batman in Helicopter)

I swear the Vampire connection is important to this as we just got the news that "Edward" on Twilight might be the new joker. 

It's also why we got the story of Kanye having a baby around the same time as the Royal Baby....
Remember my video about Corey Taylor telling Kanye he's not the greatest living rockstar after the Glastonbury Queen Song stuff. 
That video was one of the worst TROLLED videos I'd ever had as well. 

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  1. The Golden Gate Bridge turns 1099 lunar sidereal months old on August 10th/11th beginning its 1100th lunar sidereal month.