Monday, July 23, 2018

Trumps ALL CAPS Tweet to Iran

Perfect for World War symbolism. 
This tweet comes 114 days(end date) before the Iranian presidents bday. 
He's currently 69 years old. 
World War III=69
World War=42, 114
Hassan Rouhani=148 and 203(reverse)
Donald J. Trump=148
This tweet comes on the 203rd day of the year. 
The response came today from Javad Zarif. 
Notice it was at 2:04 on the 204th day of the year. 
Javad Zarif=44, 64(rev red)
Be Cautious=44, 64(rev red)
All Caps=44(rev red), 64
Trump the 44th person to be the president. 

It's also interesting this story comes 8 months 10 days after Rouhani's bday. 
810 a big number of late. 
Thinking about it too August 10th is the 222nd day of the year. 
Cleveland's 222nd anniversary of being founded was on 7/22/2018. 
May 23rd leaves 222 days in the year. 
Donald Trump=523
The Cavs won after 51 year 5 months 23 days of Cleveland not having a sports championship. 
Trump's national convention in Cleveland just after the Cavs won. 


  1. "all caps tweet" = 187 (rev ordinal) connecting to cleveland convention