Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump criticizes Theresa May over Brexit deal-220

This story comes 2 years 20 days(end date) after Brexit. 
Also comes 2 months 20 days before Theresa May's bday. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

Remember Brexit happened on 6/23...2016. 
European Union=623(satanic)
It was 138 days before the US Election Trump won...
Donald Trump=138

Of course this article tells us that Trump says Boris Johnson would make a great Head of government. 
Boris Johnson the guy who looks similar to Donald Trump..

Theresa Mary May=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse), 91
I only mention this because her bday leaves 91 days in the year too. 
The Cubs won the World Series the same year as Brexit. 

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