Saturday, July 21, 2018

Film "The Thirteenth Floor"-The Matrix-Death of Gomer Pyle/R. Lee Ermey-Valentines-Cleveland Indians

Sam text me to check out the film "The Thirteenth Floor" a few days ago. I finally just halfway watched the film in between a crying baby and 7 year old running around...
Anyway it has an interesting plot as it's about a computer simulated world within a computer simulated world. 
Basically this guy creates a simulated world and goes to it back in 1937. Then later you find out that he's actually living in a simulated world in the 1990's...There are people from the actual world who can go to the simulated world and take over the bodies of the computer characters. 
At the end it kept me wondering what if the real world is actually just computer simulated as well, but they seem to insinuate that the world is truly real at that level. 

It's a movie similar to the Matrix but a different story line, I guess. 
Remember my friend Tom told me about the death of Dave Williams from "Drowning Pool". I documented this year how I had synchronicity with him and the film The Matrix. He even shares a bday with Keanu Reeves....

Anyway a few things stuck out to me in regards to the characters of the film in regards to what I have been recently documenting. 
One of the main characters is Vincent D'Onofrio who portrayed Gomer Pyle on Full Metal Jacket. 
Remember how we got the death of Jim Nabors(Gomer Pyle) 137 days(also 4 months 17 days) before the death of R. Lee Ermey(Full Metal Jacket). 
R Lee Ermey=137
Jim Nabors I see now also born on 6/12.... 
Valentine=612 and also 417(satanic)

Valentine=39 as well....I put my post out about Youtube blocking my Family Guy episode about my son on 3/9. In the post I mentioned how the video that got blocked I talked about Neil Diamond retiring and the film Saving Silverman. Then a few days before 3/9 I randomly watched Saving Silverman. Saving Silverman also has R. Lee Ermey in it. Ermey was on Season 3 episode 9 of Family Guy. 

Anyway the point is that I've recently been talking about the connection to the birth of my son and now I see Gomer Pyle in this film. 
Another actor in the movie is Dennis Haysbert who is Cerrano on the film Major League. Another topic I have been mentioning is the Cleveland Indians the the curse of Rocky Colavito. He's also the former Black president that gets assassinated on the show "24". Funny as I'm writing this up my daughter kept asking me to find the TV show Rapunzel on Showbox. I kept searching for it with no luck, but it's because it is called "Tangled" not Rapunzel. Anyway my girlfriend came over and scrolled down to find it and it was right next to the tv show "24". 
Twenty Four=103=Rapunzel

What else is funny is that yesterday at work I was thinking about why the Mighty Ducks would be important again. I remember talking about Gordon BOMBAY(Bomb Bay reminding us of San Francisco possibly). I then started thinking maybe it's something to do with his brother Charlie Sheen considering all the stuff in regards to the Cleveland Indians. Then I went to put a dish up on the shelf and this is the first thing I saw. "Stera SHEEN". 
Stera Sheen=114
Sheen also important to multiple things such as having HIV reminding us of Magic Johnson getting Lebron to LA and leaving Cleveland 114 days before the 114th World Series...(Lebron James"=114). 
Remember the song "Wild Thing" came out on the 112th day of 1966 too. 

The Thirteenth Floor came out on the 148th day of 1999. 
Cleveland Indians=148

Better yet that film came out 148 days before the 1999 World Series in which the Yankees beat the Braves. It began on 10/23 just like the 114th World series is set to. 
Remember the last time the Indians won the World Series it was over the Boston Braves. 

Something I just noticed as well is that the Valentines Day shooter....
Nikolas Cruz=148(reverse) and 888(rev sum)
Remember these numbers are important as of late. 


  1. The infinity sign represents 2 worlds that are connected and the same but have clue about the other. Watch the TV show Counterpart. The whole show is about another world that's exactly similar to ours and it's connected but each world doesn't have a clue of the other. Infinity sign.

  2. Cleveland won a game 12-2 a span of 122 days before World Series. While the Cubs won 9-6 exactly 96d before World Series. Last year, RedSox lost 16-3 163 days before Super Bowl 52.