Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1974 Novel "Jaws" and some other thoughts-206-74

I've had a few people tell me about Joey Chestnut's nickname being Jaws. 
Joey Jaws Chestnut=74
(See previous post on Joey Chestnut and 74). 

Anyway I thought I would look up the book/movie Jaws...
Notice it came out in the year 74'. 
Great White Shark=74

Funny to me too that I read this comment and realized how I always say "Peace" at the end of my videos. 
I actually quit saying this a long time ago because I talked about the Peace sign on a video. Eventually I just figured who cares as that's just the way I talk. I can't remember what exactly I talked about in that video, but it was something to do with Winston Churchill and how the peace sign is a "V" with 2 fingers...V=22 and the 2 fingers makes it like a "222". 
Funny now I see it's "74". 

Also another "206" I just found is...
Peter Bradford Benchley=206
I'm just interested in this because of the importance of 206 lately and also I remember talking about Jaws only a week or so ago at work. I explained how the book was way different than the movie. In the book Brody doesn't like Hooper as he gets on his wife, but in the movie they make it seem like they are friends. 

Peter Benchley borno n 5/8 and dies on 2/11...
2/11 the 42nd day...
211 the 47th prime. 

I have to get some sleep, but wanted document the 206 mainly...

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