Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cops arrest 2nd suspect in XXXTentacion Murder Case-Valentines 17

There's a new suspect in the XXXTentacion murder now. 
Michael Boatright=151
Valentines Day=151
Jesus Christ=151
June Eighteenth=151
Remember his debut album "17" came out 151 days before his bday and he was super synced up to the Stoneman Douglas shooting on Valentines that was all about 17. 

Notice they arrested Michael Boatright on a Drug charge 17 days after XXXTentacion died. 
Also they arrested him 22 days later. 
Boatright is 22 years old..Dedrick Williams was 22 years old. Another person of interest is 22 year old Robert Allen. 
22nd prime is 79. 
Murder=79 and 83
Robert Allen=67
XXX's bday was 22 days before Valentines. 
Dedrick Williams born 8 weeks 3 days apart from XXX and on the 83rd day of the year. 

July 10th is 146 days after Valentines Day. 
XXXTentacion died 146 days after his bday. 
Jesus Christ=146(reverse)

Also all the news I have seen on this didn't report it until July 11th which is the day that leaves 173 days in the year. 
Trippie Redd=173(19th bday same day XXX died 67th prime)
Ghost Busters=173 and 151. 
His album "17" came out 173 days before Valentines Day. 
40th prime number is 173

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