Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Interesting MLB Trades that seem to point to the Cleveland indians-Chicago Cubs

Cubs get Brandon Kintzler....
Born on 8/1...

Interesting his bday is 2 months 22 days before the World Series. 
Brandon Kintzler=222(reverse)
Once again Rocky Colavito's bday is the 222nd day and Cleveland just turned 222 years old. 

Also think about 8/1 in regards to the Bridge symbolism interrelated to the Standing during the National Anthem. 
Francis key born on 8/1....
It got popular during the Red Sox vs Cubs WS in 1918. 

The Phillies get Wilson Ramos...notice he was born on 8/10 which is Rocky Colavito's bday. 
Wilson Abraham Ramos Campos=1717(Jewish)
Remember all the 624...and 6/24 is the day Modern Freemasonry founded in 1717. 
Wilson Ramos=158, 139
Freemasonry=139, 158

The other guy they got also has an interesting mention on Wikipedia. 
They tell us he pitched 1 1/3 innings on Opening Day in 2013 and then got his first win on April 10th against the Tigers. 
The opening game in 2013 was of course against the Cleveland Indians. (4-1 loss)

The first game Loup ever pitched in was an 11-9 win over the Indians on 14/7 of 2012. 
World Series=147

The Red Sox just got Ian Kinsler from the Angels(connected to the Cubs)....also "Angels"=624
Notice how Wikipedia still has his picture from when he played for Detroit though? 
Ian Kinsler=158(reverse)

Kinsler was traded to Detroit for Prince Fielder which sticks out right away. Remember Prince Fielder announced his retirement on 10/8 (Rocky Colavito's bday) just before the Cubs won the World Series that was even connected to the death of PRINCE the singer. 
I even pointed out the Cubs got their 71st win of the season that day against the Angels...it was also their 112th game of the season in the time of the 112th WS. The Cubs were cursed for 71 years...Great Chicago Fire in 71' and so on...

Notice Fielder ended his Career with 319 HR's just like his Father....Prince died 319 days after his bday on 6/7....had the song "319" and so on..
Prince's Yellowcloud guitar was a big reason why I kept saying their was a native american theme in regards to the the town I live in killing Chief Yellowsmoke....it was all related to Field of Dreams and much more...
Cleveland Indians=67
Mike Pence born on 6/7 and from the land of the Indian(Indiana). 

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