Saturday, July 28, 2018

Drown Synchronicity with Facebook-Bring Me The Horizon song Drown and 9/11

I just got on the computer today and went to Facebook. Of course this one of the first things that comes up on my Feed. 
A cover of a song called "Drown". 

Bring Me The Horizon=206
It's just hilarious to me. 
206 a number that's interrelated with the 624. 

Go watch the music video of this song as well. The lead singer has reptilian eyes at one point. Then later the drummer becomes possessed and has to be exorcised. Always weird symbolism in music videos that doesn't seem to make sense with the songs. 
Of course the Pentagram on the American Flag in the background as well even though they are a British Band. 

It's also interesting the album this song came out on was released on 9/11 in the year 2015. 
Notice it's also track 9 of 11 tracks too. 

That's the Spirit=192
192 a big number I've been talking about as well in the connections to my son and father with the Drowning theme. 

I just looked at the clock on my computer while making this post and of course it's 9:11pm. I looked down to see today's date is the only reason I noticed this. 
Today is 7/28 that leaves 156 days in the year too lol. 
156th prime is 911 and so on..

Even more funny is I just looked at the girls Facebook who posted this and her bday is November 9th....9/11. 

Today is 1 month 14 days before 9/11. 
A lot of the stuff with 9/11 seems to be pointing to the 114th World Series that I have been documenting. 
World War=114

There has been a lot of things pointing to 9/11 this year...
Even that Nicole Maines story I talked about recently that's connected to Bush and Korea..."Transgender"=510
Death of Barbara Bush.. and a lot more...Tom Brady/Ichiro...
Zach recently posted about the victim of 9/11 being identified on New Yorks bday. (Scott Michael Johnson). 
Also had that recently building collapse in Florida...


  1. 217 was a huge year. 217..1717 I'm wondering if 28/9 won't be a date to watch. It's 17 years 17 days after 9/11. 289 = 17x17 AND just realizing this it has 57 date numerology 9+2+8+(20)+(18) = 57 MOON. fifty seven = 1361 Jewish the 218th prime. Moon is 218 in hebrew gematria

  2. Barbara Bush was born with her Saturn at 218° of the ecliptic. Sandy Hook also happened the day Saturn hit 218° of the ecliptic

  3. Ok I was looking for that 192 you mentioned. So October 5th also connects to the 192. The sun is at 192° of the ecliptic on October 5th. I expect that the World Series will go to a game 7. The sun is at 218° of the ecliptic every Halloween