Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Synchronicity with Season 16 episode 7 of Family Guy while looking at the Trump-Putin Summit

So yet again some weirdness in regards to Family Guy. I just sat down after work and I start looking into Trump and Putin's meeting. I stopped for a second and looked at the TV and Family Guy was on again. Of course it was the episode where Putin changed the story of the film "Rocky". It's not on live tv either as my girlfriend is watching it on HULU...so it's not being played because of the recent meeting. 
I know I have documented about this episode with the Rocky stuff a while back, but I can't seem to find the post on it? Possibly I just looked into the episode and didn't blog about it? I know I looked at it before the Super Bowl because the episode has a connection to Tom Brady and I was talking about Rocky being important to Philadelphia. 

In regards to Rocky...remember the character and Sly Stallone born on July 6th...6/7 which is Eastern Orthodox Valentines.
Family Guy was also originally canceled after the 49th episode that aired on Valentines Day 2002. 

Also notice it was season 16 episode 7....Trump just met Putin on 16/7 of all days. haha crazy. 
Petey IV=39, 102, 87, 33
167 is the 39th prime number. 
Finland=39(rev red)
Vladimir Putin=87
Helsinki Finland=87(rev red)
World War=102
The Summit hosted by the Finland president...

Sauli Niinistö=87(rev red)

The Summit came 39 days before his bday too. 

 The Trump-Putin Meeting was held at a perfect place. 
Helsinki=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48....see above. 

Also "Helsinki, Finland"=75, 87(rev red)
Helsinki=42, 87
Russia=75(reverse),  87
Vladimir Putin=87
World War III=75

Sauli Niinistö=75

World War=42
Petey IV released on 11/19 that leaves 42 days in the year. 

Putin opened the Crimea bridge 75 days after the Florida Nuke story on 3/1. "Crimea"=31....Putin and Kim Jong Un's bdays 3 months 1 day apart. "Cold War"=31
Sauli Niinisto also assumed office on 3/1..2012. Sauli born in 48'. 

This meeting also comes 84 days before Putin's bday. 
Vladimir Putin=84(rev red)
United States of America=84

Also "Vladimir Putin"=168
7/16 leaves 168 days in the year. 

Sauli Niinistö=168(reverse)

It's the 197th day of the year...
197 is the 45th prime number. 
Trump the 45th president..."Mike Pence"=45
WWII came to an end in 45'. 

Also Valentines the 45th day...
I just realized something in regards to Trump's day and the North Korea meeting. 
Valentine=612=World War....they met on 6/12...
Trump's bday leaves 200 days in the year...
Valentines Day=200(reverse)
19/7 is the 200th day.

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