Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Jaws trending on Kodi last night

I'm sitting here thinking about a few stories and getting tired. I figured I'd watch a movie and fall asleep like usual. Anyway I had no idea what to watch so I went to the trending movies on Kodi....of course out of the 61 movies "JAWS" would be one of them. I mean it was a popular movie but I've never seen it on the trending thing before and the majority of the films in the list are from 2015 and above. 
It's just funny I randomly document about Jaws last night and now it's trending on Kodi. 
Great White Shark=232(reverse)
Jaws came out on 20/6....

The main character is played by Roy Shceider who died age 75. 
Roy Scheider=75
Jaws the film came out in 75'. 

He was also born exactly 50 years before me...The other main character I instantly think of is Richard Dreyfus.....he's the narrator in Stand By Me...
Stand By Me=50
Dan Behrendt=50

It's funny too that "Roy Richard Scheider"=190 and 919(Jewish)...
Both numbers I just mentioned with the Royal Family...
Ben E. KING sings Stand By Me....

Just trying to think about some of the reasons Jaws keeps showing up. 
This happened last night/early this morning 7/11....I fell asleep and didn't post it until now. 

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