Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bryce Harper trade rumors-Indians talk deal but have no momentum

Why even write this article if they say there's no chance of it happening pretty much? 
Who knows if this trade would come true but it would be fitting for him to be an Indian. 
Indians=119(reverse) and 34
Bryce Harper=119 wears # 34. 

It's also interesting "No Momentum"=127(reverse)
127 was the big number with the Indians in 2016 I kept talking about. 
Remember Harper also was important to the Pope Francis stuff as he got in the fight with Jonathan Papelbon in 2015. 
It was when the score was 4 to 4 on the 4th pitch....in the game against Philadelphia....Pope visited Washington DC and Philadelphia....he gave a speech at Independence Hall at exactly 4:44. 
Jesus=444 and so on...

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