Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cubs aquire Cole Hamels-Stoneman Douglas-Los Angeles Angels connection-624-Yankees trade Billy McKinney for JA Happ

Cole Hamels=51(rev red)
He's traded to the Cubs 5 months 1 day before his bday. 

The Rangers were the team I said to watch back in November and it has seemed they have been used as a catalyst to what I have been talking about. 
Notice it says he will likely slide into the rotation in place of Tyler Chatwood or Mike Montgomery? 
Mike Montgomery's bday is 7/1 which is 114 days before the World Series. 
Tyler Chatwood=624(satanic)

It is interesting too that they mention how the Cubs lost out on J.A. Happ going to the Yankees. 
Cole Hamels=39
New York=39=Empire=NYC and so on...

Hamels was also the MVP of the 2008 World Series when the Phillies beat the Rays in which Joe Maddon was the manager. Joe Maddon currently the Chicago Cubs manager. 
Maddon won a World Series coaching in 2002 when he coached with the "Angels"=624
The singer from Drowning Pool also died in 2002 just before the Angels won. 
Ha I see that "Angels in the Outfield"=206
The film released just before the MLB Strike in 1994. 
I'll have to check out that film again sometime soon. 
Remember it has Tony Danza in it...He was also in the episode of Family Guy I had synchronicity with when my son was born. The part with Danza was the same part that involved Sylvester Stallone(ROCKY). 
The film also has Christopher Lloyd...think Back to the Future/Cubs, but also he shares a bday with Ichiro Suzuki that is connected to the Yankees/Mariners/911 symbolism. 
There's a lot of season left but it seems as though the Yankees are going to play the Mariners in the Wildcard which would be perfect. 

Also it's interesting the current owner of the Angels was born on 14/8. 
So he was 54 years old when the Angels won in 2002 and the day Dave Williams died. 
I also saw the GM of the Angels in 2002 was Bill STONEMAN...reminding me of the Stoneman Douglas shooting? 

In regards to Stoneman Douglas and the connection to the Cubs. Notice Cole Hamels was the 17th pick in the 2002 MLB Draft as well. How fitting he was drafted in 2002  and 17 is all over Cubs/Stoneman Douglas. 

What else is interesting about JA Happ going to the Yankees is who he was traded for....notice one of the guys he was traded for was Billy McKinney? 
Billy McKinney was traded to the Yankees by the Cubs for Aroldis Chapman in 2016. 

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