Monday, July 9, 2018

Kaley Cuoco gets married to an Equestrian-Royal Wedding-Triple Crown-73-The Big Bang Theory

She injures her shoulder 218 days(end date) after her 32nd bday. 
Big Bang Theory=218
Karl Cook=32(Husband)

She also got married 51 days after Sheldon got married on the show. 
Kaley Cuoco=51(rev red)

She also got married 5 months 1 day before her bday. 

She married a pro equestrian which is the reason I'm making this post. Remember how Sheldon's wedding was synced to the Royal Wedding and the song Stand By Me? Then we had the Triple Crown winner just like 2015 that was synced up to the Royal Family/Queen Elizabeth.....The Kentucky Derby in 2015 began the same day Princess Charlotte was born....Charlotte baptised on 7/5 the same day Kaley Cuoco hurts her shoulder? 

Now Kaley Cuoco marries an equestrian. 

On the show Penny marries Leonard in 2015 on season 9 episode 1. 

Penny and Leonard got married 2 months 12 days before 2/12(Dec. 2nd). Dec. 12th is her bday on the show..It's also 73 days... that important number to Sheldon. Also remember they got engaged on the 158th episode. 
Seventy Three=158(reverse)
Chuck Norris=158(73 the Chuck Norris of numbers)
Sheldon got engaged 158 episodes after the 73rd episode. 
Penny Hofstadter=73

Kaley Cuoco gets married 212 days after her bday. 

Think about why Sheldon says 73 is important too... because 37 is the 12th prime and 73 is the 21st prime....212...

Also I documented a while back about the number 824....
I see "The Big Bang Theory"=824(Jewish)
Also thinking about it 8 and 24 also Kobe Bryant's possibly there might be something with it...


  1. It makes me think about how Christopher Reeve has been relavent

  2. Kaley and her husband have the same initials "K.C", K=11 and C=3, "113". "Dishonest"=113
    "Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook"=428(Franc Baconis) "428/824"
    "Shoulder Surgery"=428(Franc Baconis)

    Kaley's birthday is November 30th(11/30 or "113"). Sir Winston Churchill was born on 11/30th as well. This might be connected to England and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. A possible foreshadowing that one of the athletes in the FIFA might get injured?
    "Shoulder Surgery"=715(Reverse Satanic) "715" or "7/15"
    July 15th is date for the FIFA World Cup Championship Game.
    "Kaley Cuoco"=666(English Sumerian) 6x6x6=216
    "Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook"=216(English Ordinal)
    Also, Kaley's shoulder surgery reminds me of LeBron's hand injury during the NBA Finals. Lebron signed with the Lakers (Kobe Bryant), a hand/arm are connected to the same limb.
    "Shoulder Surgery"=82(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "82" games are played by each team in a NBA Season.
    "Winston Churchill"=82(Full Red)

    1. In addition:
      "LeBron Raymone James Sr.=428(Reverse Francis Bacon)
      "428" or "4/28"- April 28th is the 118th day of the year, leaving "247" days remaining (Gregorian Calendar).
      "247" is a reference to "TIME". 24/7 or 24 Hours(Hours/Horus) 7 days a week.
      "Sir Winston Churchill"=247(Jewish Ordinal)

      This year the 118th US Open selected the returning Champion "Brooks Koepka" as their winner. Koepka's HAND injury kept him out of the "82nd" Master Mason's (Green Jacket) Tournament, a parallel with LeBron's hand injury during the NBA Finals. Koepka is "28" yrs old (28/82) and he lives in JUPITER, Florida. The Satanists worship Saturn, Mars, The Sun, The Moon, Stars and JUPITER, amongst other thing.

      "Twenty-Eight"=156(English Ordinal) The "156th" Prime is "911"
      "Twenty-Eight"=193(Reverse Francis Bacon) "193" is the sum of the scores in this years NBA Finals (108 + 85 =193) 193/139/319
      "Roman Catholic Church"=193(English Ordinal)
      "John F Kennedy"=193(Reverse Ordinal)
      "German"=193(English Ext.) and "German"=28(Jewish Red.)
      "Brooks Koepka"=139(English Ord.)
      "Freemasonry"=139(English Ord.)
      "Dishonest"=139(Francis Bacon)

      "Jupiter"=612(Reverse Ext.)
      "Staples Center"=612(Satanic)
      "LeBron R. James=612(Reverse Satanic) 612/216 and 6x6x6=216

    2. Kaley Cuoco=111
      Jamie Vardy (England player) was injured.
      Expected to play in semi final.
      His bday is,11/1
      England =51
      Theresa may=115
      All of England's matches have been all about 115 and 51.
      Eric Dier scored winning penalty against Columbia..
      His bday 11/5!
      France score in 51st minute tonight.
      Theyre in final, do thet play England?
      England play tomorrow.
      France captain Bday is 5m 11d from WC FINAL.