Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July 27th Blood Moon-Longest Total Solar Eclipse of Century on Anniversary of Korean War ending

On July 27th we are getting another Blood Moon. 
I guess it's the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century as well. 
Anyway I was reading through and it says there is a partial lunar eclipse as well that starts at 6:24 UTC...how interesting with as much as I've been talking about that number. 

Also July 27th is the 65th anniversary of the Korean War ending. 
Remember how Korea is synced to Hawaii and the Moon. 
Also the end of World War I was connected to the Moon with the same number of 156. 
South Korean leader even named "Moon" Jae-In. 

North Korea is all about the Jesuits as well. Kim Jong Un even became the leader on Pope Francis bday. 
The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 2 days.
Kim's bday is 3 months 12 days after the Jesuit anniversary.  
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(477th year of Jesuits)
Much more with 312 and the Jesuits. 
North Korea=55(rev red), 145(reverse)
Catholic=55(rev red), 145(reverse)


Remember how Pope Francis left the United States on the Jesuit anniversary and later that night we got the 4th blood moon of the Tetrad too. 

Jesuit=624(eng ext)
Freemasonry founded on 6/24. 

Blood Moon=42
Kim Jong Un=42
World War=42
We know 42 is important to Freemasonry and Jesus. 


  1. I've been seeing tons of connections for a possible Trump assassination on 9/17/2018 and from 7/27 to 9/17 is 52 days.
    President and government equal 52.
    Or from 7/27 to 9/17 is 7 weeks 3 days like 73.
    Throughout history kings have died shortly after eclipses, so we'll have to wait and see.

    1. Christ is aka "King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords"(Revelation 19:16). The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The 21st Century, is scheduled to last "103" minutes, visible in the "EASTern Hemisphere".
      "The Eastern Hemisphere"=103(Reverse Full Red.)
      "King Of Kings Lord Of Lords"=1030(Satanic) 1030(103)
      "Revelation 19:16"=1030(Trigonal)
      "Revelation 19:16"=911(Reverse Eng.Sumerian)

      "King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords"=777(Jewish)
      On Trump's 1st full day in office, he was 70 years,7 months and 7 days old(777)

      When Christ was born "Three Wise Men" arrived in Jerusalem to worship the "King Of Jews", because of the Star they saw in the EAST(EASTern Hemisphere).
      "Star In The East"=614(Satanic) "614" or 6/14-June 14th is Trump's birthday
      "King Of Jews"=52(Reverse Full Red.)
      "Three Wise Men"=144(English Order)
      "Jesuit Order"=144(English Order)
      "One Hundred Forty Four"=917(Satanic) "917" or "9/17"

  2. Trump will never be assasinated.

  3. Trump will never be assasinated.

  4. This is the longest lunar eclipse in a century, and the total solar eclipse last year was the first to cover North America in 99 years.
    Now all we're waiting to see from Revelation 6:12 is a "great earthquake".
    I've talked about connections to a Minnesota earthquake from 9/3/1917 possibly being connected.
    Today I just saw that in 1918 on 10/11 there was a major earthquake killing 144, just northwest of Puerto Rico. Think how Puerto Rico has been getting fucked up over the past year with weather warfare.
    From last years eclipse on 8/21 to today, 7/27 is 340 days, and today has 34 date numerology.
    Today also has 27 date numerology.
    Or from 8/21/2017 to 7/27/2018 is 11 months 6 days, like 116.
    Last weekend was Tisha B'Av=911.
    From today, 7/27 to 10/11 is 76 days.
    Blood sacrifice=76.
    Or from today, 7/27/ to 10/11 is 2 months 14 days, or 10 weeks 6 days.
    214 has been huge this year and prophecy=106.
    10/11/2018 is the day leaving 81 days left in the year and 81 is huge with bridges and earthquakes.
    10/11/2018 has date numerology of 21.